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6. Imagine for Cynthia

“So wait, when the cell divides, is that mitosis or meiosis?” you ponder out loud, the question directed at Luke, who is lying on the couch, flipping through a sports magazine. He looks up and shrugs. “How the hell would i know?” “Luke, you’re useless! How are we ever going to finish this stupid biology project?” you sigh, shutting your laptop on which you were preparing the biology slide show. “Maybe we just wont” he grins mischievously at you. You give him a stern look. “Ok, ok fine. We can just ask Jai, he’s good at that kinda stuff. "JYE, GET IN HERE YOU CUNT” Luke’s voice echoes through the house. You feel your heart start to race, like it did every time you were around Jai Brooks. You’ve had the biggest crush on him since forever, it seemed, but were never brave enough to admit to this. It was not only because he is your best friend’s twin brother, but because you were pretty sure he was way out of your league. He had once dated Ariana freaking Grande after all. Who in their right mind would date an ordinary nobody like yourself after being with a super talented actress with the voice of an angel? Yeah, that’s what you thought too.

Jai comes strolling in, a lazy smirk spread on his lovely face. “What do you want you nob head?” he asks Luke. “Cynthia needs help with her biology assignment. Go use the only gift God gave you to help her” he teases his brother. You throw Luke a dirty look. “Luke, it’s not Jai’s assignment, and not mine either. It’s OURS. YOU should be contributing to this too you know!” you chastise him, not that it had much of an effect on him. “Sorry, Cynthia, I’m just no good at bio!” he shrugs, giving you big, sad puppy eyes he knew always worked on you. “DAMN YOU” you exclaim, throwing a pillow at him, making him laugh. “It’s ok, Cynthia. I’ll help you” Jai offers very gallantly, sitting down next to you. You heart keeps fluttering every time you feel his skin brush against yours as you open your laptop back up to show him the slideshow. “That’s all I got so far” you tell him, handing it over to him. He studies it for a while, then starts typing and correcting information, without even hesitating. He really is intelligent. As he is typing, he tries to explain the principals of what he is writing to you, but honestly, all you concentrate on is watching his lips move and wonder how it would be like to kiss them. You reckon they’d be really soft and moist and would feel plush and full against yours. “Got it?” he asks, giving you a questioning look. You snap out of your daze and nod quickly. “Oh yeah, totally.” He laughs a little, showing off his pearly white smile, making you want to die then and there. “You have no idea what i was talking about, do you?” he accuses you, shaking his head. You smile uncertainly, feeling caught out. “Not really…” you admit, hoping he doesn’t realise WHY you weren’t paying attention. “It’s fine, Luke doesn’t get it either. Then again, Luke is a lot more stupid than you are” he jokes, earning him a pillow in the head from Luke, who skulks off in a huff. You chuckle, but soon notice that now, Jai and you were all alone and dangerously close to each other. “I wish Mrs. Portright would just have assigned you as my partner, would make my life a lot easier than trying to make Luke cooperate with me” you kid, saving the slide show and shutting off the computer. “Nah, she knows you and Luke are thick as thieves and wouldn’t dare assign you to anyone else. I mean you too are basically a couple” he says, something in his face changing as he says the last part. “Ew, no! Luke and i are just friends! I would NEVER go there with him!” you ensure him, wrinkling your nose is pretend disgust. Jai’s face softens up as he gazes at you, your eyes locking with his, making you feel like in a chant. “Why doesn’t someone as amazing as gorgeous as you have a boyfriend?” he inquires, his tone hushed and calm, but also curious. You shrug. “I guess because all the guys i like don’t like me back” you confess, still staring at Jai’s face, which is now just inches away from yours. “And who might that be?” he keeps on pursuing.He's staring straight into your hazel brown eyes and cant help but stare back. You blush and look away from him, not knowing why you were having this conversation in the first place. He lifts your chin back up with his finger so he can look you in the eye. “Because i know someone who is already head over heels for you” he informs you, before letting his lips collide with yours and unveil a magical, enchanting kiss that felt SO MUCH better than anything your imagination could ever fabricate. “BEAU! JYE’S MAKING OUT WITH MY BIOLOGY PARTNER!” you hear Luke shout and quickly break apart. Beau enters, grinning smugly. “Well well well, what do we have here? Jye making a move on Lukey’s bff Cynthia? Nice one little brother!” he winks at Jai, plopping down on the couch next to you. He puts his arms around you and says: “And i guess this makes you an official member of our famil, huh Cynthia?” smiling at you. You don’t know what to say because you can’t tell how serious that kiss or Jai was about having a relationship. You look at him for reassurance and get it from his honest and open smile. “Yes, yes it does” he announces, pecking your cheek, making you feel happier than you had in a very long time.

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