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7. Imagine for Bri

“Hey Harry, it’s me, Bri. Listen, if you get this, call me back, okay?” You hung up the phone. Harry said he would be at home at 4. It’s two hours later and he still isn’t home. It wasn’t that you wanted to act like is mother or something, you were just scared something might've happened to him. You sighed when you accepted he wouldn’t pick up his phone. He probably just went out with and forgot to tell you. Yeah, that should it be. You were about to turn on the television, when you recieved a text. You quickly opened it when you read the ID; Curly Shirley-. ‘Go to the garden baby girl. x’ You got up immediately, put on your shoes and got outside. On the backdoor was a note. ‘Go to the big tree in the back.’ It read. It was totally Harry’s handwriting. You sighed a bit. You guys had a quite big garden, so it would took a little time to go to the back of it. You started to walk. Eventually you reached the tree. There hung another note on it. ‘You’re doing great love. Here’s a little surprise. Take it and go back to the living room.’ Next to the note hung a beautiful necklace. You smiled, with blushing cheeks and took it. You quickly put it around your neck. You looked down to see it hanging. It looked great. You went to the living room again, doing everything Harry told you. On the table in the room you found again a note. ‘Another little present :) Go to our bedroom to find your last surprise x’ Next to it lay a ring. It had a little heart on it. Once you had told him you really wanted a ring like that. He had just bought it for you now! You smile became even more wide, while putting the ring on. After that, you made your way up the stairs. You slowly opened the door from the bedroom, where you saw you boyfriend sitting on the bed. “Surprise!” He held out his hands where he held a little kitten. “O my god! Harry!” You exclaimed, rushing to the kitten. You gently took it out of Harry’s hands, sat down and placed the little pet on your lap. “He’s so adorable!” You stroked it lovely. It immediately started to pur and laying down. “I knew you would like it.” Harry smiled, kissing your cheek. “Why all those presents? Not that I don’t like them or something. It’s just that- o boy, did I forget our anniversary? I am s-” “Baby relax. You didn’t forget anything.” He chuckled. He wrapped an arm around me. “Then why the presents?” “Just because I love you so much.” You blushed and pecked his lips. “Thank you, it’s great. Everything is great. I love you too.” You gave him one more kiss, before turning to the kitten. “And you are perfect too. Yes you are!” Softly rubbing it’s little tummy. “what shall we call him?” Harry asked. “Ehm.. How about Elvis?!” You happily said. “Welcome to the family Elvis!” He smiled, giving Him a little kiss on his head. He kissed your head too. That night you fell asleep by being cuddled up between Harry and Elvis. It was perfect.

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