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2. Harry Styles

Your travelling with your best friend and staying a great hotel. Your room number is 802. It's morning, and while your friend is sleeping you decide to go for a drive to get some coffee. It's a perfectly normal day. You get back to the hotel, but in the elevator you press the wrong floor number without realising it. The elevator door opens and you still haven't noticed you were entering the wrong room, number 902. You open the door to find Harry Styles walking around stark naked! You freeze and drop your coffee. He grabs a towel and wraps it around himself. He only just realised you were standing there looking. "Hi can I help you?" He asks you. "Ah, Yeah, I Mean, no... Sorry, I just don't understand I thought this was my room? Eh where am I?" He laughs and says "this is room 902 aka Paradise" he replays with a cheeky smile. You laugh at his cuteness, it's seems so unreal. You look at the floor and there's coffee all over it! You apologise and tell him you'll clean it but he tells you it's okay. "May I have your room number beautiful?", you blush, " 802" you say. " Well there it is you entered the wrong floor! How about we do this: You give me some time to put some clothes on because this is embarrassing! And I will be knocking at your door to take you out for breakfast. What do you think?" " okay! Sure! Can't wait! I should probably do something about this coffee though...." He interrupts you saying, "it's ok babe leave it to me" he kisses you on the cheek, " see you in a bit". You nod and leave his room, enter the elevator, press the right floor button. You just got a date with Harry Styles!
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