What would happen if you saw one of your best friends sister get shot and you didn't help at all? If she was your first love and you just didn't help. How could you tell their brother, when she's been missing for five years?


1. Club

As the music fills my ears, in my drunken state, my eyes start to judge the dancing girls in front of me. Those eyes wander further and land upon a fight in the back corner. The music dulls to a murmur, the crowd protests but then turn to them.

"What the hell, Aria  You don't say a thing or do anything about what I drink." His hand swoops down down and smacks her cheek. He raises it again, but this time the hand punches multiple times. The cracks radiating from her body are colossal, yet she stayed silent. The man didn't like that. He wanted her to scream, he wanted her to beg for mercy. His hardened hard grips on to her hair and pulls her out. Then I see her properly; her hair had been tinted with blond, her brown eyes turning murky and nearly black with depression. Her lips cracked and scabbed over, now though were relishing the blood that poured over them from her nose. Those deepening eyes raked through the crowd, taking in each face's details. They connect with mine, her breathing quickens and she starts to struggle with the grip on her hair. She wrenches from the grip, but losing a large chunk from the back of her head.

"Liam, where's Zayn? I need my brother, tell him I love him and I'm alive!" a hand wraps around her mouth and she is dragged, being punched everywhere on her body, tears are streaming down her face and her eyes never leave mine. The doors are opened for them and she is dragged out. I stand there, frozen. It was then that my hands shook with a single sound. The final blow in her life. A gun shot. I bolt for the door and see her. A gaping crevice is left of where her neck used to be. The sparkling bullet lay a stride away from her body. I knelt beside her and watched as she gasped and twitched in to her final seconds. Her hand gripped on to mine and her eyes locked, once again, with mine. To soon, they glassed over and she was gone. That girl was Aria Malik, the long lost sister of Zayn Malik. I loved her and would always, why did I leave her in London? Why did I leave her with that horrid man that she called her love? He was 30 years older for Christ's sake! I stumbled away and collapsed on the road, I didn't care whether anything hit me. All I wanted was to be with her again. I had spent 5 painful years without her, I could never get those back now.

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