A Vampire's Daughter

What happens when Jacob Black gets Renesmee pregnant? What will the Voulturi think? More importantly,what will it be like for the whole Cullen family when a Vampire-Half-Human-Half-Werewolf joins the family? Join the Twi-Heads for another adventure full of romance,suspense,and action!


1. The News

The young adult gripped her stomach as she stared into the mirror. Her eyes were stained pink due to crying. Her gentle hands left her belly as she sat on the edge of the bed. She allowed her head to fall into her hands as she let out another sob.
"Nessie?",asked a deep voice. She looked up and smiled slightly. There in the doorway stood a muscular tanned boy with glowing brown eyes. Jacob. Seeing him only broke her heart more. She broke out in tears again,but didn't let Jacob comfort her.
"What the hell happened to you?",he asked,concerned. He lifted her chin for her to face him. She breathed in and out until she told him the news. He froze in place. He turned into a cold sweat.
"Jacob,we have to tell my parents!",she said,pulling him up. He didn't talk. He just follwed her as she ran him out into the yard. She waited for him to turn into werewolf form before climbing on his back. She nodded encouragingly and he was off.
The Cullen's home was only a few miles away,but Edward and Bella lived in a house deep in the woods. She stared longingly at her parent's home as they arrived. She wanted to cry again,but was stronger than that. She waited a few minutes before her boyfriend transformed back.
"Let's go...",he whispered,grabbing her hand and walking inside. Bella was just finishing up a little sketch and Edward was reading a small novel. Parents these days...
"Don't think about the news,he'll figure it out.",she notified,walking forward with a fake smile. Edward welcomed his daughter with a huge hug. Bella did the same,but noticed the looks on their faces.
"What's...going on?",she asked,releasing her daughter. Renesmee took one last breath before stepping forward.
"I'm pregnant."
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