Carly is on her way to her high school reunion. She's excited but not everything goes her way. When she meets Harry Styles will he of changed his ways or will he still be same old 18 year old Harry she wishes she never met.


2. Meeting you is the last thing I'd ever do

Carly's POV

I stepped into the room were the renunion was being held. I was wearing a very tight short black dress with a nice pair of matching heals. I was out to impress him if he is even here. I walked towards the bar and grabbed a glass of water. I'm not drinking tonight, just incase he does turn up. I spotted my old friend from school. "Samantha!" I called out. She spun around and ran towards me. I hugged her in happiness. I hdn't spoken to her in years. "I missed you so much" she exlaimed letting go of me. "And I heard he's coming too." She added with a cheeky grin on her face. "Great" I said with alot of enthusiasum. NOT. "But..." she said cheekily. "What have you planned Sammy?" I said giggiling remembering the time she exploded paint all over the art room. "We could make him want you" She said. " Not a bad idea" "And get him drunk and stupid so he gets absoloutley fabulous pictures of himself in the news." She added with glee."I Love you Sam. Best plan ever." I told her. Speak of the devil. He walked confidently through the double doors. The rich snob he is. I walked over to him deciding i would make him crazy for me. "Hey Harry" I said flirting with him. "Hey babe" he said tipsy. That shot must have been strong. Even better. "Come with me" I told him."Ok baby" He slurred his words as he downed another shot. I lead him to a room and he leaned against the wall. "How are you?"I asked while Sliding my hands down his chest until.... "A-A-A-Amazing now that your h-H-Here" He gasped. I Kissed his neck and he moaned. "See you later Harry" I said to him. I strutted out the room where Samantha was waiting for me. "Work?" she asked hopefully. "Yeah got him drooling for me" I said proudly."Nice" said Samantha. "Now you just need to tease him and then reject him and he'll go mad for you she added. "C'mon lets go back to my place you can stay the night" I said. "Thanks" Sam answered. I guess I was getting to like hanging around Harry.

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