Forever 13

Amelia Jane Darling dosn't want to grow up, but no one can stay young forever. Eventually you get past the point where it's acceptible to beilieve in fairy tales, play games and have wild adventures, for Amelia these days got old long ago in think her heart she is still a child and feels like she will never move on growing up is the last thing she wants to think about. With her demanding but loving family pressuring her to grow up she is given no choice but to act as a young lady would. On Christmas Eve she meets a boy who seems to understand her better than anyone she has ever met she feels instantly attracted to him, he tells her that he lives in a place called Neverland its dangerous, exiting, beautiful, magical, mystrious and full of adventure. Then he gives her a choice she can join him in Neverland or stay in England with her family...


2. Tinkerbell

Tinkerbells POV



Thats the girl he's been watching for months? I thought enviuously as i looked through Amelia Darlings window. She was sprawled across the floor, lost in a book.

I crinkled my nose as i got a better look of her. Ugh. Too perfect. The girl had long golden locks that tumbled down her back, wide innocent sea green eyes like a childs, a dazzling smile and long limbs. The only imperfection i could see was the many scars on her legs.

I sighed deeply. Trust Peter to fall for a beautiful girl like that, i shook my head. So tycipal. I've loved him since the second i met him i've been his best friend for years and still my heart thuds erratically when i see him, i get butterflies in the pit of my stomach i can't help but fall for him everytime he smiles. A small smile crossed my face i could see another shadow approching the window, Peter.

"Tink!" He half cried jumping back from the window.

"Peter!" I mimicked back, oh yeah i'm Tinkerbell but don't ever call me that. Tink suits me fine, thank you very much.

A smirk crossed his face. "Very funny, what are you doing here Tink?" His nose crinkled in confusion ha he was so adorable.

"Am i the only one who's not allowed to stalk?" I asked teasingly. We both laughed and peered into the window, the stalking continues i thought to myself. She was still lost in her book, oblivious that two people were staring right at her.

I glanced at Peters longing face his ocean blue eyes were sparkling. We watched for 10minutes more before i finally whispered to Peter.

"Come on Peter it's time go loverboy." I hovered for a few seconds waiting for him to sigh, turn around and fly off with me. But he didn't. I rolled my eyes, idiot.

"Fine, see you in Neverland." I snapped at flew home to Neverland.

"Bye Tink." Peter whispered back minutes later...




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