Forever 13

Amelia Jane Darling dosn't want to grow up, but no one can stay young forever. Eventually you get past the point where it's acceptible to beilieve in fairy tales, play games and have wild adventures, for Amelia these days got old long ago in think her heart she is still a child and feels like she will never move on growing up is the last thing she wants to think about. With her demanding but loving family pressuring her to grow up she is given no choice but to act as a young lady would. On Christmas Eve she meets a boy who seems to understand her better than anyone she has ever met she feels instantly attracted to him, he tells her that he lives in a place called Neverland its dangerous, exiting, beautiful, magical, mystrious and full of adventure. Then he gives her a choice she can join him in Neverland or stay in England with her family...


1. Why i don't want to grow up.

Amelia's POV



Why would i ever want to grow up? Well really, think about it when your a child your young, innocent and have an incredibly strong belief that you are invincible nothing can harm you.

 "What if you fall of a cliff Amelia dear?"

"Don't worry i'll just bounce straight back up!"

" What if you break your arms or legs?"

" I'll fix them don't worry."

See? This is how they think, their world revolves around themselves when you grow up you worry more, your choices become harder and harder then all at once hitting you like a tidal wave. You get old and things like playing become more tiering. You can't just think about yourself you have to consider others, you have to be polite and make awkward small talk, you get judged by others, you have pride to uphold...

Ugh. Just makes me sick i don't want to think about any of this i'm 13 years old i am basiclly still a child no matter what anyone says, on the outside i look like a "beautiful young lady" as my mother says but on the inside i'm still the curious adventerous child i was years ago, i havn't changed expect of course in knowledge and looks obviously.

My names Amelia Jane Darling, far to fancy in my opinion just call me Amy as my brothers do. :)

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