I am addicted and I just can't get enough...

"one day I will find a boy that will ruin my lipstick not my mascara"- Haley


3. 3

I was in the girls bathroom love sick but then I suddenly heard someone's foot step then calling me. It sounded like Mr Evans.

"are you there Haley"

I deepened my voice and lied "who is Haley"

"nice try Haley. It is Mr Evans and come out before I break the door."

" This is the girls bathroom, GET OUT!" I gulped.

Then he kicked the door open and hit me on my head. " I am so sorry" he said.

We both sat down on the floor leaned against the wall opposite each other. Then he asked me curiously        " what happened out there".

" I dunno" I mumbled.

He got up and told me "don't be afraid , what ever it is I will help you".

Then as he started walking out of the bathroom I quickly grabbed his arm and told him " I love you, there I said it"

I started crying again then he wiped my tears and sadness away. Love was just a word until he came in and gave it a definition. He leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheeks but unluckily the head teacher came in at the same time and yelled " you're fired Mr Evans. FIRST  you left your class with no teacher and NOW you kissed a student. HOW DARE YOU!"

I was sweating and scared then started biting my nails shaking.

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