I am addicted and I just can't get enough...

"one day I will find a boy that will ruin my lipstick not my mascara"- Haley


2. 2

*bell rings for first lesson*

" Here we go again" I sigh as I step in to my class and sit in my seat.

I couldn't believe it. I just....... couldn't. then suddenly I screamed "WHAT!!!".

The whole class turned around in silence and looked at me as I blushed in embarrassment but I still could not believe it because the person I fell in love with was my teacher.

"Hello class my name is Mr Evans and....."

"Yeah sir, did you kidnap our teacher" Brandon rudely interrupted.

"She had an accident and PLEASE BE QUITE!" Mr Evans said angrily.

The whole class went quite all of a sudden and then Brandon whispered to the class " I think he has anger management".

I don't know why but I stood up and started shouting at Brandon defending the teacher " shut up please, cant you see Mr Evans trying to teach us okay!!!.

Wow I really do love Mr Evans I thought to my self.

Mr Evans stared at me with his sparkling emerald eyes and thanked me but I couldn't speak I was stuttering and I started crying then I ran out of the class.

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