I am addicted and I just can't get enough...

"one day I will find a boy that will ruin my lipstick not my mascara"- Haley


1. 1

I am alone in a room crying a river. I always promise myself to never fall in love ever again because all that comes next is regret. The only place I want to go right now is my bed so I can dream of the impossibles.

* Next morning*

I was about to kiss my Romeo until suddenly my mum woke me up. so I sneakily went back to bed so I can carry on my fantasy but again my  mum came back running to my bedroom and dragged me out of bed.

" You're going to be late for school!" she shouted at me.

School was like being in hell, everyone calls me a Sl**  or a Sk** but I had to go to school whether I liked it or not. So I went to school and I was trying to bury my head in my locker but then I saw one fine handsome young man walking past that caught my eye. I was keen to know who he was but I thought to my self " never fall in love because all that comes next is regret".



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