Is Love Forever Or Not

This story is going to be like ellabella13's story my best friend.

Emma and Harry are in a great relationship but that will all be changed because of two people will it be a forever love or one that will go straight down the drain.


12. Texting now

I walked into my bedroom got out my new pyjamas walked into my bathroom turned the water on and walked in. I adjusted it to the perfect temperature washed my hair and took off all my makeup,got out put mr pyjamas on and as soon as my head got to the really comfy pillow I fell dead asleep.

Sorry guys I will update tomorrow love em��

I woke up at 11:00am the next morning to my stupid sister banging on my door, I got ou tof bed put a purple tank top, skinny blue jeans, and a pair of galaxy vans, quickly sprayed some or my fantasy perfume on and a bit of foundation and mascara on and walked out the door!

"What the hell was that friken for bitch" I exclaimed to Millie, " we'll mum said to get you so yeah don't call me a bitch you are asshole" omg I cannot even believe she had just said that!

I brushed past her and ran down stairs to find my mum talking to HARRY!! "Oh em darling harry was just having a quick chat with me,he seems like a decent guy!"
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