Is Love Forever Or Not

This story is going to be like ellabella13's story my best friend.

Emma and Harry are in a great relationship but that will all be changed because of two people will it be a forever love or one that will go straight down the drain.


9. Shopping time

Emma's POV

We drove to the best shopping centre with the help of Harry of course, I found a park and parked there. We then got out and I locked the car." So em what are we buying today for this beautiful young lady by the age of?" "18" I said " oh rally your 18 me too" we both started laughing for no reason.

Harry's POV

The first store we went into was forever 21 and em tried on a swim suite, shorts, a very lace see through top, and a pair of shoes. I helped with the money then we went into another store and I bought her some yellow skinny jeans, pink tank top, a pair of blue shoes, a black tight dress and a pair of diamond earrings. At first she wouldn't let me buy her them then we agreed for her to buy my something. The next store we went into was for me at first for a joke she picked up a pair of light blue board shorts, then she picked up a white t'shirt, then a lime jumper and that was all I wanted so em bought me that. I LOVE HER ALREADY!

Emma's POV

Harry found thing that takes your photo so we got in and made heaps of silly faces then. We wanted to make a few more loads so for the next one I kissed Harry on the cheek then he did the same for me then I kissed his lips and I felt sparks fly it was slowly but passionately. I soon stopped and pulled back even though I didn't want too.

We stepped out then took our photos 2 for each I think LOVE HIM
We walked into the car park hand in hand then Harry said to me" Emma I know we only just met but it feels like I have known you for years will you go out with me?" " yes, yes I will" I replied quickly, and kissed his check and with that we hopped into the car. I drove home and Harry came inside with me to meet my mum and my dad.

Mum came out and said" wow emma darling I thought you were going to bring home clothes not this handsome lad" " thank you I am Harry Styles and you are?" I am Anna and this is Kristen, mum said and dad shaked his hand and with that I took Harry's hand and.

Harry's POV

Emma took my hand and we ran up the stairs, into her room she closed the door behind her and started getting her new clothes out. " thank you again Harry for the clothes you really didn't have too" " yes I did I love you em" " oh thanks I love you too" with that she pecked my lips.

As Emma was placing her clothes neatly into her walk in wardrobe I came up behind her and placed my hands on her hips, and started kissing up her neck until I reached her mouth and she kissed back slowly passingly perfectly it lasted for ten minutes then we pulled apart because her sister came barging in and said so who's the boy?

Emma's POV

Millie came in interrupting is and said so who's the boy?
" Get out now Millie!" I screamed at her and with that she stormed off. "Sorry about her she is my little sister 'Millie' " oh no babe it is fine so when are we going to our date?" Harry asked sweetly." Um what about tonight" I said sure its a date Harry said and with that I drove him home be fore he got out we kissed out again slowly softly perfectly
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