Is Love Forever Or Not

This story is going to be like ellabella13's story my best friend.

Emma and Harry are in a great relationship but that will all be changed because of two people will it be a forever love or one that will go straight down the drain.


11. Restaurant time!!

We pulled up to what look to be a really nice but expansive restaurant that was along the seashore. "Ready?" Asked Harry looking down at me, "Yes I am this isn't too expensive is it I don't want you to be paying a fortune babe?" "No it is just a couple pounds don't worry baby" "ok" I swiftly replied.

Harry's Pov
We got out the car and hand in hand walked into the front doors of the restaurant, the waitress showed us too our table, wich was at the back right in front of the window looking out into the sea, and took our order.

Emma's Pov
"What would you like miss?" Questioned the waitress. "Um could I have a raspberry and schnitzel with gravy" I answered I could tell harry was staring tame the whole time but I liked it. She then went over to Harry and asked for his order, whilst that was happening I took my iPhone out of my white handbag and checked Facebook "wow" I thought to myself I had 27 notifications. I checked about 2 then harry interrupted me from my stalking.

Harry's Pov
The nice waitress had finished serving us and had already bring back our drinks emma had a raspberry while I had a nice cold beer, em was on her phone studying her screen very carefully I wondered what she was so interested in?
"Um em babe our drinks are here" I nicely said breaking emma out of her intense gaze. "Oh sorry, I was on my phone checking something, THANKYOU "she slightly shouted after the waitress this made me giggle!

Emma's Pov
I aid THANKYOU to the waitress as she was leaving, and for some reason harry was giggling at me?
"Um Harry why are you giggling at me?" I asked he didn't reply because he couldn't stop laughing.
"I'm laughing because you yelled after the lady just to say thankyou you are so sweet" he finally replied. This made me blush, our food then arrived, we quickly finished it off and left our table for the car.

Harry's Pov
"So babe do you wanna stay at mine tonight or do you want me to drop you back home?" I asked
"Um I better go back home maybe next time" em replied I was a little DISSAPOINTED but she did say next time. So I dropped her back home but I parked across the road so as she crossed it I could see her cute little bum.
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