Is Love Forever Or Not

This story is going to be like ellabella13's story my best friend.

Emma and Harry are in a great relationship but that will all be changed because of two people will it be a forever love or one that will go straight down the drain.


2. Moving Countries


Emma's POV
I was walking down my long white stairs to find my beautiful mother on our lounge on her laptop just randomly looking at houses. My mouth suddenly drops open like the 0.MUM WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT WHY DOES DAD KNOW HOW COULD YOU DO THIS WHY?

" Oh Emma darling I had know idea you were ther I am sorry but we are going to move to London it that ok with you and don't use that terrible language young lady" mum said. " Mum this is toats no fair why did you not discuss this with me I am you r daughter as well as stupid Millie you do no that right, and mum I am 17 I am an adult don't you know or have you just been living under a shell for boldy she'll for the last 17 years of my life you should because you have been ruining it. I swear you hate me and just love Millie she is 14 years old 3 years younger than me and she has a boyfriend and I bet in less than 2 years she will be pregnant. In the other hand you never let me have a boyfriend until I was 16 and a half so unfair I hate you so much" I SCREAMED at her and ran up the long white stairs SLAMMED my white door and ran to my multie colored bed just too scream into my pillow and cry my insides out until I am so dead!

Suddenly Millie came prancing into my room and said to my in a very rude tone " What the hell is wrong with you,you look like crap!" " Well thanks sissy love you so much too do you know what mum and dad are doing?" I said in a really annoying voice. "No what?" Millie speak in a curios tone." WE ARE GOING TO FREAKING LONDON!" I yelled with bit of whimpering." Yeah I know it was my idea because I just broke up with Justin and he said he doesn't want to see my face ever again so whatever out of the bloom I came up with leaving Australia and going to London isn't it the bestest the idea ever I just think it is magnificent, don't you?" " No I do not what am I going to tell Lucy,Grace and Freyah? What about that?" "Who cares about them emma." "OH MY GOD I CANNOT believe you just said that I hate you so much GET OUT I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!" I screamed in her face" fine with my darling sister I just love you so much" she said sarcastically.

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