Is Love Forever Or Not

This story is going to be like ellabella13's story my best friend.

Emma and Harry are in a great relationship but that will all be changed because of two people will it be a forever love or one that will go straight down the drain.


3. Gotta talk it through

This morning I woke too a disgusting tast in my mouth, and felt like a grain of dirt. Than I remembered I had too tell my three friends I am moving to London. So I picked up my pone and rang Lucy than turned it into a tree wa conversation with grace and Freyah. They all started crying saying I can't leave, and stuff like that that made me cry as well. Just then Lucy asked so who's idea was it for your fam to leave Australia? "We'll it as Millie's stupid idea."

Suddenly my mum called for me too come out of my room so I had to say goodbye too my friends nd I headed down the long white staircase.


Sorry for the sort chapter
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