Can I Get A Do Over?

Hannah wakes up one beautiful morning on the first day of school. Everything goes wrong! Shouldn't the first day back be perfect? A shooting star shoots by her window when she's gazing our it wondering what's going on before bed. She Crawls into bed and hopes the next day will be better, but she awakes, it's the same day all over again.


3. There goes a perfect first day...

My best friend looks at me and says, "Hannah, he's in our class too."

I look back at her and say, "I noticed, Nikki. LETS GO THEN!"

I grab her arm and run up the stairs. We both got Mrs.Smith in room 230. When we are up the stairs, we walk through the doors and then turn to the left and look for room 230. I keep my eyes peeled for him... I find room 230, and drag Nikki inside. The desks are set up in sets of 4's and 3's. I find one with 4 desks and sit across from Nikki. I slide off my backpack and place it in the seat next to me. Nikki does the same. Nikki's boyfriend soon comes on the room, along with him. Max Stevens. He's my best guy friend, and I have liked him for a while. I grab my backpack and set it next to my desk, and Nikki does it too. Nikki's boyfriend comes and sits next to her. Max walks the other way though... He walks to a table all by himself. I slip my phone from my pocket and text him. We can have our phones in the morning, and at lunch, just not during class.

Me:Max, are you okay?





Max:Fine! I got a girlfriend.

No. No this can't happen

Me:Oh that's great!

I lie. 

Me:G2g. almost 7:15.

I slam my slider phone shut and turn it off. I slip my phone in my pocket. The bell rings in a few minutes, and out teacher walks in. She introduces herself, and then hands out our names to get our schedules. First Nikki. "Nikole Basher" of coarse she'll be up first. Then other kids before me, "Hannah May" and right after me, "Chris Moore" Nikki's BF. Then many other kids i don't care about, and then Max. Mrs.Smith hands out all the schedules, and lets us go to our lockers. I wait next to Nikki's while she empty's her backpack. Chris waits with her, and the hallways soon fill. I look over at the blocks of lockers behind hers, and see Max there. A girl comes up and pecks his cheek. I look away quickly as he gives her a hug. I feel some tears well up as i think about what i just saw. Nikki notices my face and hurries up with her locker. She tells Chris to go to his, and she'll meet him later. We walk to mine in silence, because of all the people in the halls. Everyone else just shoves their backpack in their locker and hurries to their class again. By the time we're at my locker the halls are empty. Nikki asks what happened so i tell her, as i shove everything in my locker. When i hand her my locker shelf after i'm done explaining, she puts in in for me. I had trouble shoving it in because i can't think straight. When she puts it in she then hugs me, and we walk back to class. She takes my schedule to see my classes. We have all the same! Ironic right? I go though the day, and see Max has all the same classes too. He keeps smiling at me, and i give weak smiles back. When lunch comes, I can't even sit at my normal table. Nikki apologizes with her eyes when she sees i have to sit with Max and his GF. They are WAY to lovie dovie. Max told me they started dating this morning. To lovie dovie for just starting to date this morning! After the horrible day when i get home i grab a bag of chips from the kitchen and bound down the steps. Why today?!

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