Can I Get A Do Over?

Hannah wakes up one beautiful morning on the first day of school. Everything goes wrong! Shouldn't the first day back be perfect? A shooting star shoots by her window when she's gazing our it wondering what's going on before bed. She Crawls into bed and hopes the next day will be better, but she awakes, it's the same day all over again.


2. The Bus. Oh Joy!

  I grab a pack of pop tarts from the cabinet and rip open the package. I eat my pop tarts in under 5 minutes. My medium sized Labrador German Shepard mix dog walks up to me. I scratch her right behind the ears and she rests her head in my lap. "You like that Jayne?" I ask her. She barks and wags her ail. I smile and look at the time. 7:15. I shove my hoodie over my head then finger comb my hair. I grab my backpack, and sling it on my back. I hug my mom bye, and kiss my dad on the cheek, then give Jayne one last scratch behind the ears. "BYE!" I holler out the door, and hurry up the drive way. I reach in my backpack at the end of the drive way to get my brush. I run it through my strawberry blonde hair, then shove it back inside. I see the yellow bus pull around the corner and sling my backpack back on my back. The bus pulls up and i sit in seat number 12, and place my bag on my lap immediately. I see the nervous new 6th graders get on the bus and take all the open seats up front. Finally we get to the house I've been dying to get too. My best friends house! She gets on the bus and i slump down. She always sits in seat number 12 no matter who's in it. She flings into it and jumps at the sight of me.

  "DON'T DO THAT!" she yells.

  "Sorry," I say laughing hysterically.

  Before we know it we get to school. We check the lists of star teachers. We got the same class! But before I looked for my name, i looked for someone else's.

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