Can I Get A Do Over?

Hannah wakes up one beautiful morning on the first day of school. Everything goes wrong! Shouldn't the first day back be perfect? A shooting star shoots by her window when she's gazing our it wondering what's going on before bed. She Crawls into bed and hopes the next day will be better, but she awakes, it's the same day all over again.


4. That isn't right...

"HANNAH!" My mom yells from upstairs.
"WHAT!" I yell back, after I walked to the door.
"NIKKI IS HERE!" She hollered.
"OKAY THAT'S NICE," I yell. I close my door and wait. I lay on my bed face first in my pillow. I hear the door creak open. The left side of my bed goes down. "Hey Nikki," I say into my pillow.
"I'm sorry about lunch today," she says.
I sit up and turn on the TV. I go into recordings and turn on my favorite Doctor Who episode. "It's not your fault."
"I don't care," she says.
I slip off my shoes and slide under the covers. I bring them up to my chin as I slide down to lay down. I move over and Nikki takes off her shoes. She throws her varsity jacket on my BTR bean bag and sits next to me, her legs under the blanket.
"Why did today have to suck so badly," I groan.
"What all happened? If your ready to talk about it," Nikki says.
"Well you know the worst, everything with Max. Well I broke a nail in algebra and it really hurts!" I say staring at my finger. "I fell up the stairs and bruised my knee. I dropped my books five times today. I ripped my BTR poster I put in my locker. I tripped in the hallway, falling on my face. Michael dumped out my pencil case when unzipping it, on accident though, and I lost my purple highlighter. I also fell down the stairs getting off the bus. Lovely day right? And I chipped off my marble nail job on most if my nails. Don't ask me how!" I say flinging my arms up.
"Hannah, I promise tomorrow will be better. If there aren't any seats open when you get down to lunch I'll ask if Chris will sit with his friends," Nikki says shyly.
"No don't do that," I say sternly.
"No but's."
"I'm making sure I sit with you then," Nikki smiles.
"That's all I need," I smile.
We watch Doctor Who, my favorite 2 part episodes. I grab the fez my mom made me from my bedside table and put it on my head when the Doctor has on his. After dinner, Papa Johns pizza, finally something good happens! Anyway, Nikki goes home. I go downstairs and change into my PJ's when she leaves. I watch a Harry Potter then turn off the TV. I walk over to my window and stare at the stars. I think about how everything just sucked today. I look at the stars and see a shooting star. I make a wish that today didn't suck so badly! I shut my sparkly purple curtains and turn out the light. The Christmas lights I leave up all year make my room glow. I crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. I fall asleep soon, thoughts running through my mind. I dream about the horrible day, but it's worse.
When I wake up I hear my alarm going "WOO HOO" like yesterday. I smile and sit up, then take a double take. Today's alarm should be playing "I Would" by One Direction. What's happening? I yank my iPod off the charger and check the date as the screen lights up. It's Monday again.
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