Can I Get A Do Over?

Hannah wakes up one beautiful morning on the first day of school. Everything goes wrong! Shouldn't the first day back be perfect? A shooting star shoots by her window when she's gazing our it wondering what's going on before bed. She Crawls into bed and hopes the next day will be better, but she awakes, it's the same day all over again.


1. "First" Day of the School Year

"Woo Hoo!" My alarm goes, playing "Windows Down" by Big Time Rush. I sit up and spin around to face the poster behind me. I lean over and kiss James Maslow who is above my head, like every morning. My four boys are above my head every night. Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan. Love them to death!

It's the first day if 8th grade. I jump out of bed and dance around the room. I crank up the iPod and belt out every word. When the second song is up u yank my iPod off the charger and run to my bathroom. I plug my iPod into the speakers and jump in the shower. Afterwards I dry off and then dry my hair. I spritz my straightening spray all over my hair then straighten it to make it nice and soft. I then slip on my outfit for the day. My red skinny jeans and Olympic love shirt. I then do my makeup. Brownish black mascara, brown eye liner, and light brown eye shadow. I whip my iPod off the counter after unplugging it then run to my room. I grab my phone from my nightstand and then slip in my zebra flip flops. I grab my swimming hoodie from last season, and my pink, orange, and yellow polka dot backpack and bound up the stairs for breakfast.
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