Age is but a Number

Dallas is a normal teenage girl when she meets Niall from One Direction in Starbucks but she doesn't know he is famous until they start to date what will Paul think and the boys find out when you read my Mobellas thx bye!!


4. The dream

That night i has trouble sleeping


" Who is Dallas

" i am

" ok well Niall had some kind of complications while he was sleeping

" OMG is he ok??" I was sobbing i didnt want to lose him we had just met and were becoming friends

" yes he will be fine just minor injuries inside that we had not seen before

" ok well thats a relief

" i bet it is

" can i make a quick call

" yes you can

" thank you

" ok

Call to Harry

" hey i umm need to talk to you fast and are you sitting down

" ya i was sleeping

" ok well i need you to come to the hospital


" dont freak out but there was some complications inside him the didnt see

" i will be right over do u need anything

" ya

" what

" food lol

" wow u eat like Niall

" wow ok thx bye

" bye

10 mins later

"Hey have you heard anything yet

" no not yet

" ok good wanted to make sure

" miss

" yes doctor

" i need to talk to u urgent

" ok

" well umm i hate to say this but Niall has passed on hes gone

" no!

" im so sorry miss

" OMG Harry i think im gonna....

I woke up after that sobbing in my sleep

" its ok its just a dream

I went back to sleep

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