Age is but a Number

Dallas is a normal teenage girl when she meets Niall from One Direction in Starbucks but she doesn't know he is famous until they start to date what will Paul think and the boys find out when you read my Mobellas thx bye!!


2. haha

"Thanks Niall." I said as a shade of pink crept to my cheeks. Then I heard the door to Starbucks open and close and a girl with brunette curly hair walk in, Melissa. She saw me then walked over waving. "So glad you can come!" I told her as I gave her a hug. "No problem." She said. Mel licked her bottom lip and looked at the two guys seated at the table, "So who are your friends?" She asked looking at the curly haired boy.

"I'm Harry." The boy said in a slow and deep British accent. "And I'm Niall." The cute blonde said. Melissa smiled, "I'm Melissa." Then Harry looked her from head to toe. I quickly looked at Niall and noticed to see him staring at me, then he quickly turned away. This made me blush even more.

"Would you ladies like to sit with us?" Harry asked, still looking at Melissa. Niall and Harry scooted over as I sat across from Niall and Mel across from Harry. We all talked for a bit about ourselves, they seemed like nice guys, and I really fancied Niall. I saw Harry flinch from the corner of my eye as a smile spread across his face. Then Melissa giggled too. I rolled my eyes and looked under the table to see Melissa's foot playing around with Harry's.

Me and Melissa were best friends, but were totally different from each other. She was more into flirting while I was more into falling in love. She was into partying while I just liked to stay home and watch a movie.

I ignored them then turned to face Niall "Sooo .." I said awkwardly. "So..." Niall said. I shrugged my shoulders and we began to talk about ourselves again. "Hey Harry, gimme your phone please?" Melissa told Harry. Harry gave her his phone and she put her number in it the. Have it back to him. I did the same with Niall and then after a couple minutes me and Melissa had to leave.

"Bye!" We told them as we walked out.
"Mel, your so comfortable around Harry it's scary." I told her as we walked down the street. "Haha. And your so awkward around Niall." She told me giggling.
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