Age is but a Number

Dallas is a normal teenage girl when she meets Niall from One Direction in Starbucks but she doesn't know he is famous until they start to date what will Paul think and the boys find out when you read my Mobellas thx bye!!


3. chapter 3

loveas we were walking down the street two guys stopped us i could smell the alcohol on their breath

"hey there little ladys"

"get away from us" i yelled

"oh come on"

dialling 911

"hello miss

"help us plz"

"help is on the way"

"whoa dude she called the cops

"ya i did

"ahhh LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer

"come on sweethart give a kiss

" get away from her

"aww she ur friend

"ya now u better step away

" hey you gonna step away from her


" oh u think your tough

" just why dont you and your little pals get out of here so we can get back to whats we started

*punches harry

"NO HARRY!!!!!
i love
"omg harry HELP SOMEBODY!!!

*stabs niall



i dunk

"niall plz dont leave me

"dallas listen to me i wont leave you i promise

"Ok i said as sobbing

The police finally came and took the men away and we got Niall to a hospital he only need a few stitches and that was all thank god

" im glad your ok

" i am just happy that your ok too

" ya hows Harry

" he has a black eye and a broken nose thats it

" that's better that a stab wound" i joked

" true

" how long are you gonna be in here

" until tomarrow

" ok thats good

It was 11:30pm right now

" well i better head home text me tomarrow when u get out

" ok bye love

" bye Niall

I really do hope nothing bad happens tonight or tomarrow
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