Impossible Dreams


1. Dreaming Is Believing.

See, I've had this dream for a while now & it's something I really want to pursue in life, sure there are many obstacles in my way but there is always a way to over come the impossible, even at it's hardest.

Okay I'll tell you about my big dream, well it's like this, for the last few years I've tried singing & I know I haven't the voice to do that, however, I am trying to keep that alive but I also I have my eyes set on flight school, yes, I want to be a pilot, I'm very keen on this & it's something I really want to do.

I've tried looking for flight schools but that's hard considering where I live, cause I live in a little town, near Scotland.

Though I keep looking everyday, I'm sure nothing will come up soon, however, I will try to look in other places, not just one.

Anyway, I've watched thousands of documentaries about flying & planes & how they work, hey I even have a flight simulator on my iPad so that helps, a lot.

I'm not sure if I can continue this dream, but I always believe that there is a way, no matter what!.
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