The Life of Kiley Tomlinson

Kiley always wanted to be popular. She sings perfectly. Everyone hates her. Or Thats what she thinks. Being the daughter of Louis Tomlinson isn't perfect. Kiley's always wanted a boyfriend. That will never happen. Does someone actually care for her? Or will she just let the hate on twitter, facebook and other sites get to her and cave in or will she be a star shining brighter than ever in the sky? The only way to find out is too read more.

Kiley falls in love with someone that will be revealed if u read.


1. Introduction

     Hello Guys Morgan here. This is my first story so I'm just going to help tell what I'm going to type. It is going to start off with Kiley's P.O.V when she was a child, but when it gets to a different P.O.V lets say a popstar's kid who is a boy. He dreams of a girl and wishes he had one. He lives the same life like Kiley. Their just like imaginary friends nothing more. Until one day they meet. Well lets say Kiley has lots of troubles, problems and crises in here life. If you read on you will discover a heart warming story and how Kiley changes her horrible life into a life she always wanted.  Remeber there might be grammar mistakes but just avoid it. I do lots of typos sorry.

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