The Life of Kiley Tomlinson

Kiley always wanted to be popular. She sings perfectly. Everyone hates her. Or Thats what she thinks. Being the daughter of Louis Tomlinson isn't perfect. Kiley's always wanted a boyfriend. That will never happen. Does someone actually care for her? Or will she just let the hate on twitter, facebook and other sites get to her and cave in or will she be a star shining brighter than ever in the sky? The only way to find out is too read more.

Kiley falls in love with someone that will be revealed if u read.


3. I'm Alive?

     Kiley's P.O.V

I feel a hand touch my chest. It was warm and I was cold. It was dark, and scary. No light at all. I grasp the hand seeking for light. My eyes flutter slowly trying to open. I'm greeted by Skylar and her brother Tyler. "Thank goodness you're okay." I hear Skye say. I look up at her and give her a look like what happened? Skylar runs her mouth keeping me up to date not missing a single detail. It's like she wrote it down or somthing. A photograpic memory. Nah, she's just weird. I try to sit up but I fall back down. I can't even sit up. "You broke a few bones Kiley, after the fall." That's just great. One stupid mistake.

Skylar's P.O.V

     Kiley's eyes open and I jump up thinking yes she's alive. This is a miracle. She can tell that I've been crying. I do my best to not show her that I did. Then she shoots a look at me and I tell her exactly what happened. I feel bad poor girl can't even sit up. I hope she will be able to feel better in a week.

Tyler's P.O.V

     I scratch the back of my neck. Thank the lord we didn't lose Kiley. She's like a sister to me and I'm there for her no matter what. Couldn't even think, couldn't even imagine life without Kiley. It would be the same thing imagining a life without Skylar. I give Kiley a smile and I tell her everything is going to be alright clumsy. Pet names I love to tease her even in the most serious situations. Skylar and I stay all day and night. We bring her food for the rest of the week. Until she's up and moving. The glow in Kiley's face begins to come back and her pale gray eyes brighter than ever. I now know she's going to be the normal Kiley again.


Kiley's P.O.V

    I regain my strength and finally I'm able to leave the hospital. We get to our secret club house and Skylar the hair stylist dyes my hair a dark brunette color like a burgundy. I liked it, but I got suspicious of her and asked her why she was doing this. She replied we have to change your look if you are going to make it in this world now here put these contacts on. My eyes change from grey to a skye blue. "There perfect." she said smiling. I like my new look, but I don't think it's necessary for her to do this. She tells me to be quiet and enjoy life.  I trust her. It's just well nevermind. Then we hear a crack in the branch underneath us. Skylar and I rush out and a boy appears with curly hair and emerald green eyes. I don't know what I should feel is he an intruder or have I met him before or... I just don't know this feeling...

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