The Life of Kiley Tomlinson

Kiley always wanted to be popular. She sings perfectly. Everyone hates her. Or Thats what she thinks. Being the daughter of Louis Tomlinson isn't perfect. Kiley's always wanted a boyfriend. That will never happen. Does someone actually care for her? Or will she just let the hate on twitter, facebook and other sites get to her and cave in or will she be a star shining brighter than ever in the sky? The only way to find out is too read more.

Kiley falls in love with someone that will be revealed if u read.


4. Could it be love at first site?

Skylar's P.O.V

     I look at the boy with curly hair and green eyes. I shout to him what does he want. He replies "Nothing just taking a walk into the wood." He didn't look at me he couldn't keep his eyes off Kiley. Neither could Kiley either. I tap Kiley on the shoulder  and she shakes back to reality. She plays what she just did off. We go down our secret club house and talk to the boy. He was quite good looking, but not my type. The boy had tan skin, the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen, a cheeky smile, and the weirdest curly hair. I liked it. Kiley did too. She asked him what was the real reason why he came here. He responded "Well now my reason was just to see you." " What is your name love?" Kiley blushed and replied "Kiley it's Kiley Tomlinson." "Oh so your my uncles daughter?" "Well really not my uncle just like my dad's friend." He said "Yeah I guess and you must be ummm let me guess Ethan... Ethan Styles?" She replied. He nodded.


Kiley's P.O.V

    The boy was cute. I liked him a lot he was a real gentleman. He had to have mischief up his sleve because of his cheeky smile. I told him "Why don't we meet at the pool tomorrow." "That will be great love, want me to pick you up?" "No thanks I'm fine, Skylar's taking me." He nodded and left the woods. I went back up to the club house. Skylar kept saying that I like him. Then she said I loved him. I blushed I liked him but I didn't want her to tease me. Well that's my sister for ya. "Just wait until I tell Tyler." I tackle Skye to the ground and tell her don't ever say or mention that too him he will kill me. She brushes herself off and stands up. "Fine." she pouts. Even though Skylar and I are 15 she still acts exactly like a 10 or a very non mature 11 year old. I laugh at her when she pouts. She smiles back. It's the first time I've smiled since the fall. Skye notices and points it out. I pull out my phone and check my twitter less hate than usual. Well least about my updated looks I should say. I'm glad that there's less hate but theres still hate. It's been a week since I left home and my parents haven't even reported it to the police that shows how much they care. I'm glad I have one friend that cares about me.


Ethan's P.O.V

     As I return to the house I run my fingers through my hair. That Kiley is beautiful. I need her to be mine someday. She's flawless, perfect, mezmorizing. She's put like a spell on me or something. I'm going to find a way that she can be mine someday no matter if my parents like it or not. I hope my parents don't read my journal, well actually I don't care. I'm in love with Kiley and theres no way I can't unlove her. I don't even think that's a word. I love Kiley Tomlinson and I'm not afraid to shout it to the world!  

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