The Life of Kiley Tomlinson

Kiley always wanted to be popular. She sings perfectly. Everyone hates her. Or Thats what she thinks. Being the daughter of Louis Tomlinson isn't perfect. Kiley's always wanted a boyfriend. That will never happen. Does someone actually care for her? Or will she just let the hate on twitter, facebook and other sites get to her and cave in or will she be a star shining brighter than ever in the sky? The only way to find out is too read more.

Kiley falls in love with someone that will be revealed if u read.


6. Am I really that in love?

Kiley's P.O.V

     So I get home and Skye is already talking about my boyfriend again. This time she stops talking for a split second and talks about Jacob. I never really liked that guy, but I heard he had the same eating habbit as me. Giant thumbs up. Yeah I have a pretty big vocabulary don't I. I do, I do yeah okay whatever. I can never really thank Skylar enough for letting me stay. I feel like I have a home, well it's not like I did before it well just didn't feel like one. My dad treating me like I was nothing. My mum Morgan cared about me she loved me. I never really had someone love me before. Now that Ethan's here there's nothing more I can think about but him. Only him. Skylar seems to have fallen for that blonde blue eyed cutie. I heard he's irish. His mum is totally different except the blue eyed part. Brunette hair blue eyes. A real beauty. She could pass for my mum ya know with my new look and all. I laugh at the fact. No way. As I go to sleep tonight I know that the certain boy will be in my dreams.


Ethan's P.O.V

     Kiley...Kiley...Kiley my love. My sunshine. My everything. After all I don't even have a mum anymore. Well I do, but I don't life is very difficult around here. I bet Kiley never had one single problem. Her family's perfect. I will have to ask her about it tomorrow when we have a date around three thirty at the lake. I lay my head down to rest and I know Kiley is going to be in my dreams tonight I hope I'm in her's.


Jacob's P.O.V

     Skylar is actually a pretty cool gal. She's funny, cute, hot, adorable did I forget to mention HOT. I end up texting her all day and all night, then we have a fight well a play fight on who should stop texting first. Weird but cool. I tell her that I have to go and eat dinner this man has got to get some meat calcuim and stuff like that got to be fit. I take a look at these guns. I smile, then I frown and work out even more I eat my steak as I go. Skylar in my dreams and food can't forget about that. I'm not addicted just dedicated and fit. Night.


Skylar's P.O.V

     I can't believe I'm in love with this jerk. He's a rebel got to hand it to him. Me likey some rebel. I laugh. He is cute though so I just flirt back hoping I could be his girlfriend. Did you see Ethan mhhhhmmmm man that boy was fine. Not my type though. I'm glad Kiley is happy. I'm glad I'm happy too. Kiley is sooooo in loveeeeee......

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