The Life of Kiley Tomlinson

Kiley always wanted to be popular. She sings perfectly. Everyone hates her. Or Thats what she thinks. Being the daughter of Louis Tomlinson isn't perfect. Kiley's always wanted a boyfriend. That will never happen. Does someone actually care for her? Or will she just let the hate on twitter, facebook and other sites get to her and cave in or will she be a star shining brighter than ever in the sky? The only way to find out is too read more.

Kiley falls in love with someone that will be revealed if u read.


5. A date? No definitly not!

Kiley's P.O.V

     I go to Skylar's house and think. I don't have anything to wear at the pool. She grins and decides to take me shopping. She's so weird she has to have everything at one stop. So where ever we go it's one store and one store only. I end up getting this really pretty neon orange bikini with diamonds kinda sequency. I loved it so did Skye. My favorite color is orange. At the checkout line there's my dad. I grab Skylar's arm and had behind a sign. My dad heard us I know he did. He looked around and around. Then he leaves the checkout line and starts looking for us. I've never been so scared in my life. Skye and I check out quick, I duck under the cash register then we sprint out of there hoping he wouldn't see us. Just as we were out the door he notices me. Now I start limping I hurt my leg when the fall thing happened. As soon as my dad stepped out the door Skye and I are already driving to the pool. Even after we got to the pool we were running I took off my cover up and jumped into the pool. Skylar following right behind me. I'm just glad I made it out alive or least not hurt.


Skylar's P.O.V

     What a rush! We have to do that again! I think. Well not the whole having Kiley's dad chase us, but something similiar. Well Kiley looks beautiful in that orange bikini so fabulous! I'm not so bad myself blue bikini with stripes talk about awesomeness. Now where's that boy we are expecting to see right about now.


Ethan's P.O.V

     I can't stop thinking about Kiley. I dream about her. She's like the perfect girl ever. Flawless, beautiful, perfect, adorable, nice, caring, amazing. She's more than adjectives nothing no word or words could describe her beauty. I'm in love and there's no way I'm giving up on her. I head out the door and walk to the pool. I'm only a block away from it. In my head the breif time I met Kiley plays back in my head like a short movie. Then I get there and there she is getting out of the pool hair long wet and flowing. I don't know if she catches me staring, but she's beautiful. She smiles at me and makes her way to me. I smile back. She gives me a hug. We sit down and chat. I don't know if she's into me, but i'm into her that's all I know. I have to have my best friends opinion. I excuse myself and call Jacob. Immediatly he comes down, he can't miss a party he tells me I should ask her out. No duah I want to, but i'm like worried is she denys me or something. I look back at her and she's talking to Skylar. Jacob says "Who's that sexy thing?" "Oh that's Skye" I reply. He flashes her a smile. She bites her lip and waves. "She's into me." I roll my eyes, and nodd. I wish I knew that like he did. He tells me I need to get confidence. I make my way to her and see if we can talk in private. She nodds.


Kiley's P.O.V

     Okay I admit I'm into him, man I wish he would hurry up and ask me out. I bite my lip and try to hold back my feelings for him. He tells me some cool things about him and his bestfriend. I laugh at some jokes he tells, still trying to hold back. I drop my purse. He bends down to get it and so do I my blue eyes meet his perfect green eyes and we stare at each other. I know he likes me we both lean in. I'm uncertain, but he seems not. I give in and we kiss. It goes on for three seconds and we look at each other. "So we're boyfriend and girlfriend now?" He nodds and smiles

" Yes we are." He says then he hugs me. I hug him. You know I'm glad you kissed me. I've always liked you. "Love at first site?" He says. " Love at first site." I reply. We kiss again.

Jacob's P.O.V

I tell Skylar to text me sometime as it's time for Ethan and I to leave. She smiles and nodds. My love. Mezmorizing.


Ethan P.O.V

     No words can say or express the feelings I feel for Kiley. I love her to pieces.

Skylar's P.O.V

    That jerk. He's a weird jerk, but I like it. I like him maybe we could date I don't know maybe. I talk to Kiley and all she says is "I'm dating Ethan." Then she goes back to daydreaming in her own world. I'm glad she has someone to tell that she's beautiful and maybe it will get through her head someday, someday .


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