“I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don't dare to let out."


4. Chapter 4

My heart tugged and I instantly knew something was wrong with Monica. I shouldn't have left. I scrambled to the street. My heart tugged again and I followed that direction, sprinting silently down the street. Humans couldn't see me at this speed so I was alright unexposed. I am one of the only Rebels to have the power of speed and stealth. Kammie had the uncommon power to calm. But having two powers was unheard of. When I came to a slow jog, I was in a dark alley. There was Matt's pick-up truck. I ducked and swiftly ran to the side of the car. With a leap of power, I swung my hand my, balled in a fist, and shattered the glass emitting an angry roar from Matt. I jumped up and grabbed Monica's unconscious body through the broken window.
"At least all that dieting came to some use," I muttered as I quickly slipped her small, skinny body thrown the window and dropped her to the ground. I looked up at Matt, his blood red eyes glowed, hungry, his fangs fresh. I released my claws on my hand and swiped my hand at his face. He roared and lunged towards me. I grabbed Monica's limp body and dashed away.
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