“I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don't dare to let out."


3. Chapter 3

Ever had that feeling someone is watching you all day, all night? That there are eyes staring at you constantly, burning the back of your head when you turn away. A feeling that someone is just reading your deepest secrets like they are written all over you face? I feel that Every Single Day. I stared out the window of the old pickup truck my boyfriend picked me up from school in. I watched as water condensed on the glass as a breathed gently against it. I looked out into the cold air of January and waited. Waited for something good or interesting to happen. I needed a distraction.

I jumped back when Mathew placed a cold hand on my bare skin showing bellow my short skirt. May sound crazy but it's like a popular girl dress code, skirts and blouses, rain or shine, bellow 0 degrees or not. Goose bumps ran up my leg in a shiver. I have him a startled look. Matt returned it with a devilish grin, hungry even. He kept his dark on me as he drove, not even taking a glance at the road.

"MATT!" I screamed. He whipped him head around to face the road and swerved the car down a road I didn't recognize. The towering rows of houses made the street dark and eerie. Nothing moved other than trash blowing in the breeze. Matt gave me that hungry grin again and I scoot back in my seat in fear.
"Please take me home," I whispered. I knew he heard me but ignored it and parked the car suddenly with a jerk. Matt's eyes we now blood red and his pearly white teeth were... GROWING?! Two long teeth formed, fangs. With ice cold hands, Matt grabbed my neck and slammed me up against the roof of the cab, ripping the seat belt. I scratched and kicked as I gave out strangled breaths. I couldn't breath, I couldn't scream. Nothing.

"This isn't going on anymore, sweetheart," he said, triumph burning in his eyes. Panic ran through me. Other than the fact that my boyfriend turned I to some sort of vampire and is strangling me, something felt... Wrong. I wasn't being watched. But is wish I was. I gave out a strangled scream and kicked Matt in the face. I didn't flinch. No mark appeared other than a larger smile. "Now way out, sweetheart." He said then dropped me, after my visions when black.
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