“I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don't dare to let out."


1. Chapter 1

Monica strutted down the street, pride in her stride. Her chin raised high, eyes almost closed. Her long, auburn hair blew over her shoulder. A group of her followers scurried behind her. With the flick of her long, skinny fingers, her book was placed in her hand. Monica kept walking. I turned the corner silently and flew into the bushes, not one bit of attention drawn to me. I ran my long tongue over my fangs, as if making sure they were still there. I peered over the corner, watching her strut down the halls, her uniform skirt rustling by her knees. I guess you could call what I do stalking. But no. I swiftly follow her down the street and watch her slip into her boyfriend Matts car. I sighed. I flicked my tail and slipped around in the shadows, following the car on its normal route to her home. I sighed. I did this routine everyday. It isn't even necessary. She lives the same boring life every single day. I look from around, seeing if anyone is watching. I scurry across the street and into a bush. I breath heavily, looking at the dirt ground through the filtered light through the leaves of the bushes above me. I run my nail slowly over a crack of dried dirt in the grown. After a few seconds, the ground opened and I slipped into the darkness. 


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