Country Boy :)

A 17 year old country sweetheart moves down to Tennesssee and meets country heart throb... Luke Bryan!! Will she kiss this lover goodbye or stay with him forever.. He ani't gonna beg her to stay but will she?


5. Wishing For The Best

I get out as Luke does, He runs in front of me to meet a girl I didn't know. Then I see my friend's mom sitting on the front porch steps crying.

"Carla, is Kayla okay?" I say worried.

"Hey Sum, no she just got took to the hospital. I found her laying in the pool face down, Then I saw blood. I don't know if she fell and hurt herself or somebody hurt her. I'm worried and I want to go down there but they won't let me just yet." She says crying

"Just wish for the best." I say.

She nods and gets up and goes in the house. I find Luke talking to some girl (I'm ticked now!)

"Luke honey come on." I say sweetly

"Um hun hold up Luke's mine!" The girl says looking at me.

"Um don't call me hun and I don't think I was talking to you in the first place and I said Luke not hoe!" I yell

"Summer!" Luke yells.

"Luke! Who is this?" I ask yelling.

"Summer, I'm sorry to say this but I forgot to tell you Kayla's sister is my girlfriend." He says wrapping his arms around her.

"Marley?" I ask

"Yeah, welcome home Summer." She says

"I'm sorry, I didn't reconize you but Luke I thought you loved me!" I yelled

"I did! That's the thing.. I did!" He yells.


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