Country Boy :)

A 17 year old country sweetheart moves down to Tennesssee and meets country heart throb... Luke Bryan!! Will she kiss this lover goodbye or stay with him forever.. He ani't gonna beg her to stay but will she?


1. Moving Away :(

*Summer's POV*

"Mom I don't wanna move! I love it here! Please don't make me go with you!!" I yell at my mother packing my stuff into the truck.

"I don't care.. Your going with me no matter what you say okay Summer!!" She yells back..

"You know what I don't even wanna be here at all... I don't wanna be with you or dad or anybody! I just wanna move far from here and not see anyone ever again!" I yell with tears in my eyes.

She turns around to face me.... I could see tears in her eyes as she hands me a bag..

"Here you wanna leave so bad how about I give you your stuff and you can leave!" She says

"Fine I will!!" I yell

"Don't come back ethier!" She yells as I'm walking out the door

"I won't you don't have to worry bout that!" I yell back

That was the worst fight I've ever gotton into with my mom! I love her but she's soo annoying!!! After about two hours of walking my mom pulls up and says she's sorry and that she would love if I went with her soo I got in and we headed to Tennessee.

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