Country Boy :)

A 17 year old country sweetheart moves down to Tennesssee and meets country heart throb... Luke Bryan!! Will she kiss this lover goodbye or stay with him forever.. He ani't gonna beg her to stay but will she?


6. Lonley Nights...

Never knew Luke would say that to me! I thought he really did love me! (Sad face) I hear a knock on my bedroom door. As I get up to open it, in steps Luke with flowers and chocolate... Suck up!

"What?" I say crying.

"See this is what I was afraid of, seeing you cry wasn't the thing I wanted to see." He says walking towards me.

"It was all your fault to!" I yell.

"Babe, no need to yell, please just talk to me. Let me explain what happened. You see, before you came I got hooked up with her. She broke up with me, but then two months later she was telling her friends that me and her were still together. I wanted to break up with her in front of her little group of friends so that they would know we weren't together. But, I didn't." He says.

"Oh, well that don't solve anything" I say

I push Luke out of my room and slam the door in his face. I crawl back in my bed and cry the rest of the night. :(

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