Country Boy :)

A 17 year old country sweetheart moves down to Tennesssee and meets country heart throb... Luke Bryan!! Will she kiss this lover goodbye or stay with him forever.. He ani't gonna beg her to stay but will she?


4. Country Love

I woke up the next day thinking how dangerous this is. Going out with a guy way older than me. I wake up to a text from Luke, yay! (I'm happy shush!)

"Good morning my love, Is it okay if I come up later?" The text reads.

"Good morning sweetie, Sure but, I have to go meet my friend in a little while so I'll text ya when I'm ready for ya lol :)" I reply

"Alright baby, I love you sweetheart, Be careful!" He says in return.

"I will babe don't worry... I love you too baby!" I say

"Cya later baby.. Love ya" He says

"Alright babe bye, Love ya too" I say

I lay my phone down on my chest and close my eyes, when I wake up Luke is laying next to me asleep. I shake him awake as he turns around.

"Babe... Babe!" I yell

"What sweetie?" He says half asleep.

"What time is it?" I say cuddling up to his side.

"Twelve thirty, why?" He says wrapping his arms around me

"A.m or p.m?" I ask

"P.m" He says.

"Oh, crap I've gotta go babe, love ya." I say quickly getting up and running out my bedroom.

He follows behind me and jumps in the car right as I get in. We drive down to my friends house and see cops all around her back yard. I hope she's okay.


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