You've already said sorry

Hi Im Cami. I'm 16. I'm in high school. I'm bullied by the 5 most popular kids in school and they are all boys. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn those are the devils names. I have only 1 friend ,Brittany Conners, and we used to be inseperable. Connected by the hip, until she started dating Niall the blonde one. I mean she sticks up for me sometimes or most of the time stands by and just watches them beat the crap out of me. Niall, her boyfriend, doesnt beat me up that much he kinda just stays behind the others and laughs when they call me names. For example some of the names they call me are: fat, ugly, disgusting, stupid (which they are way off because I make the best grades in the whole senior class, while their grades are all average) , lesbian, worthless, piece of crap. Those are just a couple of examples their are way more examples. The leader of all the boys is Harry Styles. He used to be my best friend until we got to high school and he got popular. Well nice meeting you.


8. Chapter 6 *dont read if you are younger than 13*

Harry grabbed me lightly and laid me on the bed and we started making out and I removed his shirt then he took mine off and then all clothes were removed and Harry was staring at my body so I covered my body with my hands and Harry moved them
"Don't you're beautiful" he said and I smiled and kiss him and he looks at me as he enters me slowly and I gasp because of the pain and tears start rolling down my cheeks and Harry gently kissed them away and I smile weakly
"I'm so sorry baby just tell me when ok?" Harry said
"I'm ok now move" he started moving and I feel so much pleasure
"Harry please go faster and harder" he does as I say and goes faster and harder and soon we both reached our orgasms and he pulled out and I laid on his chest and listen to his heartbeat and he sang me to sleep.
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