You've already said sorry

Hi Im Cami. I'm 16. I'm in high school. I'm bullied by the 5 most popular kids in school and they are all boys. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn those are the devils names. I have only 1 friend ,Brittany Conners, and we used to be inseperable. Connected by the hip, until she started dating Niall the blonde one. I mean she sticks up for me sometimes or most of the time stands by and just watches them beat the crap out of me. Niall, her boyfriend, doesnt beat me up that much he kinda just stays behind the others and laughs when they call me names. For example some of the names they call me are: fat, ugly, disgusting, stupid (which they are way off because I make the best grades in the whole senior class, while their grades are all average) , lesbian, worthless, piece of crap. Those are just a couple of examples their are way more examples. The leader of all the boys is Harry Styles. He used to be my best friend until we got to high school and he got popular. Well nice meeting you.


3. Chapter 3

We were about  5 blocks away from my house when harry decided to talk to me. He has some nerve.

"So Cami I'm sorry" Harry said

" You're sorry?" I asked surprised with tears in my eyes

"I really am, I realized last night that I only bully you to stay cool, and that's not cool. I hurt my best friend, I will never for give myself and Cami....I......." Harry said as he started to stutter.

" What is it Harry?" I said nervous of the response

"I think I love you" He said.

"Pull over Harry" He did as I said with a confused look on his face. He cut the car off and I unbuckled my seatbelt and climbed on his lap. I surprised myself by kissing him and he kissed back. My enemy, the person who beat the crap out of me everyday. I'm basically making out with him, and..... I love him. Yeah I said it. HARRY EDWARD STYLES, I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!!!

"Harry I love you too" I said. Harry smiled

" Cami will you be my girlfriend? I promise I will never lay a hand on you like that again. Cami please" Harry begged

"Yes Harry of course" I kissed him again, and I climbed back in my seat. Then Harry started the car, and drove me home. I have a boyfriend. I love the sound of that. Harry Styles is my boyfriend!!

"Thanks for the ride Harry" I said as I kissed him

"No problem babe" he said as he handed me his number and I gave him mine

"I love you babe text me later" he said as he kissed me 1 last time and I got out of the car and went inside

"Love you too Harry" I said as I closed the door and ran to my room and jumped on my bed and screamed into my pillow of happiness and I started listening to Whitney Houston (my favorite artist) and danced.



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