You've already said sorry

Hi Im Cami. I'm 16. I'm in high school. I'm bullied by the 5 most popular kids in school and they are all boys. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn those are the devils names. I have only 1 friend ,Brittany Conners, and we used to be inseperable. Connected by the hip, until she started dating Niall the blonde one. I mean she sticks up for me sometimes or most of the time stands by and just watches them beat the crap out of me. Niall, her boyfriend, doesnt beat me up that much he kinda just stays behind the others and laughs when they call me names. For example some of the names they call me are: fat, ugly, disgusting, stupid (which they are way off because I make the best grades in the whole senior class, while their grades are all average) , lesbian, worthless, piece of crap. Those are just a couple of examples their are way more examples. The leader of all the boys is Harry Styles. He used to be my best friend until we got to high school and he got popular. Well nice meeting you.


2. Chapter 2

Liam took me to the nurse. She did my check-up and asked what happened and I just said

"I  tripped and fell and my stomach hit the pavement and liam found me" gosh I'm a terible liar, but she believed it and sent me home. Liam left the office ,and came back with the monster, Harry.

"Mrs. Kitty (our nurses name) I'll take her home It's the least I can do." Harry says and smirks.

"Thank you Harold and I need to you keep an eye on her Harold til her parents get home and I already informed thme and they agreed, so go on Cami quot; Mrs. K says as I get up and walk over to Harry

"Thanks harry" I say quietly

quot;Welcome" he says nicely and smiles showing off his really sexy and cute dimples.....WAIT DID I JUST CALL SOMETHING OF HARRY EDWARD STYLES SEXY AND CUTE??!?! WHAT THE FREAK IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!

He takes me to his car and I just prepare myself for the car ride to hell!!!

* soooo sorry its short but im tired and i just updated 4 y'all so I hope you enjoy!!- angel


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