You've already said sorry

Hi Im Cami. I'm 16. I'm in high school. I'm bullied by the 5 most popular kids in school and they are all boys. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn those are the devils names. I have only 1 friend ,Brittany Conners, and we used to be inseperable. Connected by the hip, until she started dating Niall the blonde one. I mean she sticks up for me sometimes or most of the time stands by and just watches them beat the crap out of me. Niall, her boyfriend, doesnt beat me up that much he kinda just stays behind the others and laughs when they call me names. For example some of the names they call me are: fat, ugly, disgusting, stupid (which they are way off because I make the best grades in the whole senior class, while their grades are all average) , lesbian, worthless, piece of crap. Those are just a couple of examples their are way more examples. The leader of all the boys is Harry Styles. He used to be my best friend until we got to high school and he got popular. Well nice meeting you.


1. Chapter 1

"I'm so so so sorry Cami"; My husband Harry apoligized as he accidentaly hit me.

"Honey, You've already said sorry, and I forgive you,  but just be more careful and less clumsy please" I said as I laughed and kiss him. Him hitting me actually brought back memories of high school and how it was and our story. Our story isn't a fairy tale but it's special and diffrent. I love it!

(7 years earlier)

"Hi worthless piece of crap" Harry says as he slams me into the lockers and his minions snicker.

"Hi Harry" I managed to say as pain shot threw my arm where the metal lockers hit.

"Harry leave her alone" Brittany said as she picked me up. Wow she is helping must be my lucky day (note the sarcasm).

"No Brittany let me go" I say and she lets me go as a look of shock creeps upon her perfectly tanned face.

Harry then slaps me and the other boys hold me down as Harry kicks the crap out of me and Brittany just walks away. Probably a bad idea to tell her to let me go and be mean. I mean she was just helping me out. Oopsy daisy. "Harry stop please" I say as I cough up blood.

"Harry stop!" Liam screams as he sees my blood ,and Harry actually listens, and liam picks me up and runs me to the nurse.  Liam was the only considerate 1 in the group even though he calls me names. I can see it in his eyes he regrets every word he says . You see Liam was really nice in grade school all 5 of the boys were but they all got bullied. Bad. When they got to high school they all completely changed. They started beating up kids. Including me. They cussed and just were plain rude. In high school thats cool I guess. Not for me they are just plain bullies. My bullies. I started cutting because of them. They have seen the scars they don't care. They just beat me harder. It hurts but I wish they would say sorry at least once.

* Hi it's angel I hope you like my story so far I will update as much as I can so please like and favorite this story. It would be an honor. I love you!!!- smiles_bubbles:) (angel) *

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