A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


9. Second-Chance Summer


Payton's POV

*Five and a half Months Later*

                Forever and always doesn’t always seem like forever and always. Haylor was supposed to be over three months ago. But it’s still going on. I’ve been informed every step of the way, but not from Harry. He’s apparently not allowed to talk to me over his phone since paps could find out about me through that. I get the occasional call from his home phone when he’s home, and usually those calls last for hours. But other than that, I get my information from Cali and Bridget. A fourteen month plan, that’s all Haylor is. But it’s only been five.

                But I have no idea what’s worse anymore, ignorance or all knowing. I know everyday something is going to be released. Every rumor, every confirmation, I know everything. And I have to keep it all a secret. It’s a month by month plan.

                It all started with month one, where Harry and Taylor were confirmed in New York City. Then is month two, where Harry and Taylor were caught slow dancing at some red carpet event. Then February is them caught spending a week together skiing. March, pictures are released of them kissing backstage. And supposedly, the fifth month they were supposed to break up. But that’s not what happened. Instead, two weeks ago, Harry was caught “sleeping” at Taylor’s house. And I already know in two weeks, Taylor is going to be announced pregnant.

                Is it real? No. But because of this, I can’t be on tour with him. So my two best girlfriends, and my five best guy friends are all over seas touring the world, and I am stuck home in New Hampshire. I’ve barely left my room. She’s going to be “pregnant”. She’s going to get a miscarriage. They’re going to fight, and then break up. That’s what management wants. And what management wants, they always get. So here I am, stuck in broken heart, with no one to help me.

                Suddenly my phone starts ringing, and it’s a restricted number. “Hello?” I ask.

                “Payton? It’s Harry!” he says, I can hear him smiling over the phone, but I can’t smile right now. After Cali told me the news, I haven’t been able to. “Cali told you, didn’t she?” I already feel tears start pouring out of my eyes.

                “Harry I don’t know if I can do this, rumors about you getting her pregnant? Seeing you both kissing and in love everywhere I look? Not only that but my best friends aren’t even here to help me because they’re with you. Harry you don’t understand… You don’t…” I stutter through my heavy sobs and cries. He’s silent on the other end. I want to be happy, I want to make the most of the time we actually have to talk to each other, because I’m not sure how long we actually have.

                “Payton, you know how much I wish…”

                “Harry babe, some men are here to interview us,” I hear a voice in the background. It’s high pitched and squeaky, with a hint of rudeness and impatience. Obviously it’s Miss Swift. Harry stutters and puts his lips back up to the receiver.

                “I love you mum, I’ll call you later.” And the line goes silent. I sigh and shake my head. This isn’t the shortest call we’ve had, there’s been calls that last ten seconds. But they were happy ones. Calls when he says ‘I just called to remind you I love you!’ And  I’d remind him I love him too. That’s the first month he was gone. When I never heard Taylor’s voice on phone calls. Now almost every phone call ends with her interrupting.

I just wish I could be with him this summer like we planned. Instead of us spending the summer together, he’s with Taylor. They’re traveling the world, seeing all different kinds of people and places, everything I wanted to do with him. I sit down on my bed and pull out my guitar.

I start strumming, and my eyes start watering again. Shakily and terribly, I start to sing. “She takes your hand I die a little, I watch your eyes, and I’m in riddles. Why can’t you look at me like that? When you walk by I try and say it, but then I freeze and never do it. My tongue gets tied, the words get trapped.”

“I feel the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I’m near you. But I see you with her slow dancing, tearing me apart because you don’t see. Whenever you kiss her, I’m breaking. Oh how I wish that was me.” I set down my guitar when I hear my phone ringing across the room; I walk over and look at the caller ID. It’s Anne, Harry’s mom. The only people that know about me are the boys and their families. I click the ‘Answer’ button.

“Hey Anne, how are you?” I ask, trying to keep my voice steady.

“Honey, please don’t pretend you’re okay. You know by now that I understand what you’re going through. I was in the room with Harry when he called you. I am not trying to make you feel bad or anything, but I just want to let you know that he misses you as much as you miss him. It’s tearing him apart not being with you this summer.”

“I appreciate it Anne, but I just don’t know how much longer I can do this. You know I love Harry with all my heart, but maybe he should just date Taylor…”

“Payton don’t even say that, you know how he feels about Taylor,” Anne laughs and I laugh with her.

“She’s delusional and thinks she’s dating him, Channing Tatum, and is married to Joe Jonas…” I smile, but soon the momentary happiness goes away and I sigh again. “I don’t know Anne, if we can’t spend any time together, how are we going to make it work?”

I hear Anne sigh on the other end of the line, when I hear Gemma walk in. “Hold on a second Pay,” Anne tells me. I can hear her telling Gemma everything that went down in our conversation. Gemma sounds upset; I know she wants Harry and I together. I hear her tell Anne something, and Anne gasps. “That’s a great idea Gem! How about you tell Payton?” I hear them transfer the phone.

“Hey Gem, what’s up love?” I ask.

“Payton! You’re coming on tour!” she says, and I’m absolutely stunned. I ask her what she means, and she’s just laughing.

“Louis and Zayn’s sisters are all bringing friends on tour with them to see the world! I know you’re a little younger then I am, but you can pass as just my friend! You can travel all over the world with the boys, your friends and I!” I am ecstatic, and I run downstairs to tell my parents.

After a long conversation with my parents about spending time with them overseas, they agreed. Since it’s only for the summer and I don’t need to keep up with school, I’m packing up my things and leaving tomorrow. I run upstairs and pack up everything on the list Gemma texts me. All my clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, camera, my laptop, phone, chargers, and everything else I would need for this summer. My parents give me $600 to use for the summer for food and shopping. I text Harry.

‘Hey Haz! It’s Gem’s friend Payton, I’m very excited to spend the summer with you and your friends! C ya!’ 

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