A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


6. Our Fandom is Crazy


  Harry's POV             

                Payton and I walk hand in hand down the alley way, unclenching our hands when we’re out in the open, being extremely careful that no one knows about us. When we finally reach the street both of our hotels are on, we see a crowd with a size so big; it could appear to be a riot. “Oh no, please not again.”

                “What’s going on?” Payton asks me. She looks up at me with those big blue eyes, full of fear, and I wrap her in my arms for a hug.

                “Sweetie it’s okay, just some crazy fans outside of the hotel again, but there’s no way I can get inside of there.” I try to figure out what to do, when my phone starts vibrating. It’s Lou.

                ‘Hey man, I’m with Niall, Bridget and Cali. We met up a couple minutes ago. There’s no way we’re getting back into Mohegan Sun tonight. We’re in the girls hotel room, meet us here.’

                “Okay, so I guess we’re meeting up with the boys and your friends in your hotel room…” I say, trying not to sound rude or intruding. But Payton just smiles, and we lift on our hoods as we start trying to sneak by the people waiting for the boys. We get up to her room without even being seen once.

                Payton lets me into her room, and I see Niall and Louis lounging on the couch, and the girls both laughing together on one of the two beds. The boys started laughing too, and then they saw Payton and I, and continued to laugh. “What’s going on in here?” I ask them.

                Niall was the one to answer me. “We were scrolling through Bridget’s phone and reading all of the One Direction Imagines she has on here. And some of them are very creepy…” Niall said. Bridget got up and pushed him, taking her phone, but he pulls her by her waist into his lap, and she rests her head on his chest. Louis stands up and sits next to Cali on the bed, and starts tickling her to make her laugh.

                “Alright boys, what’s the plan for tonight?” I ask, trying to get them to stop their constant PDA. They looked up, and shrugged.

                “I don’t think there’s any way we can back into the hotel without being attacked by the paps,” Niall stated. Louis, Cali, Bridget and Payton agreed. “But what can we do?” he asked. Suddenly Bridget had an epiphany.

                “Wait! This is just me, Payton and Cali’s room! My parents have a different hotel room! If we hide you guys when they come to check on us, then you can stay here for the night!” Bridget stated. Everyone agreed, and we decided we’d stay here the night.

                I checked in with Paul to tell him we’re all okay, without giving away where we are, and then the craziest night of my life began.

Cali’s POV

                I guess I shouldn’t be surprised if we get arrested for noise pollution.

                The screaming and laughing we have been producing tonight is a little bit crazy, the neighbors are going to hate us. We’ve played truth or dare, consisting of all dares. Louis had to run around our floor screaming “Pickles are my only friends.” Harry had to scream-sing out the window “AND THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL,” causing his fans to look up to the sky, thinking its God, and a lot of other weird crazy things.

                We played spin the bottle, which didn’t last long. The bottle must have been weighed weirdly or something, because each time we spun, it landed on either Bridget or Niall, so we just got the treat of watching them eat each other’s faces for a good ½  hour.

                Then we decided to settle down and watch a movie. Bridget’s mom texts her, and asks if we’re all set. She called her mom.

                “Hey Mom it’s Bridget.” She paused for her mom to answer. “Well, I just wanted to let you know that Payton’s alright, no signs of another coma or anything. But we’ve been hanging out with the boys all day, and I’m actually dating Niall….” We could hear her mom scream of excitement for her, so Bridget shut off her phone.

                The girls all changed into their pajamas in the bathroom, and the boys took off their shirts and shoes. We decided when we go to sleep, Payton, Bridget and I would share a bed, and Louis, Niall and Harry would share one. But to watch a movie, I sat on the couch with Louis, Bridget was sitting on one of the beds with Niall, and Payton was sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed with Harry.

                We determined we’d watch the Hunger Games, and we turned off the lights, sat back and relaxed after a long couple of days.

                I rest my head on Louis’ chest, and he wraps his arms around me, holding me close to him. I can hear the steady beat of his heart through his chest. His chest was warm and very muscular.  I can’t help but smile. I’ve dreamed about this boy for years, a boy I thought I would never meet. But now I have, and not only that, but I’m laying in his arms. And I couldn’t be happier. And the best part is how she reacted to meeting me. She wasn’t afraid of the fans or the fame, I’d understand if she was. But she just isn’t afraid. She’s not afraid of scary movies, or attention, I just am worried about if she’s afraid to fall in love with me.

Niall’s POV

                I’m so worried about doing the wrong thing around her. I’ve messed up relationships so many times, but I can’t mess up with Bridget. She’s so beautiful, talented, smart, funny, everything I’ve ever wanted. And she’s what I’ll always want. She’s laying in my arms right now, snuggled up against me. I can barely breathe; I just want to make her happy. And I just want her to never leave me side. Now that I’ve met her, and she’s mine, I fear I’ll never be able to be away from her again. I’m falling in love with her, falling truly, madly, and deeply.

Harry’s POV

                Payton Leigh Taylor. The name that will forever be etched into my heart like a tattoo. I am definitely falling in love, a feeling I have thought I have felt many times. But I never knew what love was. I was naive, stupid. But now, she is leaning against me, my arm is around her and her head is on my shoulder. She smells like cinnamon and sugar, sweet and pure. Her hair is pulled up in a messy bun behind her head, and her pajamas are men’s boxers and a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles sweater. She’s not wearing makeup anymore, and I have never seen anyone more beautiful.

                We reach the part of the movie where Katniss and Peeta kiss in the cave, and I’m still just staring at Payton. She looks up at me, and smiles. In the dark, I see the girl I’ve been waiting for my entire life. Her glance casts down, and she smiles.

                I grab her chin and pull her eyes up to mine. Our faces are mere centimeters apart, and I can feel her minty breathe on my lips. Her lips look so kissable. She touches me with her fingertips, tracing my arm. I feel chills go down my spine. Peeta and Katniss continue to kiss on the screen, and I decide I want to try.

                I lean forward, and I move a strand of hair from her face. She looks nervous, and scared. I understand why. She told me about her past boyfriends and her trust issues since then. And I don’t want to do anything to mess up the trust she’s building in me. So I sigh, and kiss her quickly on the cheek. She looks at me with those ocean blue eyes, and wraps her arms around my neck, hugging me tightly. I am in love with her. She is mine. I am hers. But I realize I’m not in love with her because of how she looks, and this is a first for me.

                It’s in all the things and other things that makes her who she is, and in my eyes, she’s just irresistible. 

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