A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


12. Now They Know About Us


Harry's POV

Before Taylor starts going mad, I leap forward and grab her arm before she lunges at Payton. Taylor finds comfort in the fact I came straight to her, and smiles at me. “Where have you been?” she asks a second time. I try to think quickly, but can’t come up with any kind of story about why we’re wet and coming home at seven in the morning. I decide maybe it’s time to tell Taylor the truth about what’s going on.

                “Taylor, come with me, we need to talk.” Taylor grabs my hand and happily follows me into the music room down the hallway. I turn and roll my eyes to Payton and I see her giggle, as she goes upstairs to change. I lead Taylor into the room, and shut the door quietly behind us. “Listen Taylor, we really need to talk.”

                Taylor’s mood suddenly flashes before my eyes. She goes from the happy and delusional to angry and blood thirsty. As I turned from the door she slapped me. “What is wrong with you? Are you cheating on me? I can’t believe I trusted you and you went out with another girl! You’re the worst boyfriend I have ever had, and I hate you for what you’ve done!” she slapped me again, but I grab her hands, and her mood flashes once again.

                She kisses my lips with the same force she did on New Year’s Eve, when she sneak attacked me into kissing her when the ball dropped. I pull apart, and her mood flashes once again and she slaps me. “What is wrong with you?” she asks me.

                “What’s wrong with me? Taylor, what is wrong with you? You know we’re not dating! Management wants to have a stunt for a few months! You already know their whole plan! We’re not really dating!” I yell at her.

                “Well, we’re not dating anymore Harry! We’re over!” Taylor opens to door and stalks out, slamming it behind her.

                Well, this is not going to go over well.

Bridget’s POV

                My eyes first flash open to the sound of a door slamming, and then I am really woken up when I hear my phone vibrating. A tweet has been sent by Taylor; well this obviously can’t be good.

                Harry Styles is an a*s and a b*stard. He is not my boyfriend. I broke up with him because I deserve better, and all hate will be blocked.

                As I scroll down at the replies, I realize Taylor has a lot of blocking to do then, and she has lost more than 3k followers in ten minutes, and I unfollow her myself. I look over to see Payton buckling her belt around a pair of white shorts and a green and white striped tank top. “What is going on here?” I say as I sit up and look at Payton. She freezes a second and slowly turns around, and I see her hair is soaking wet.

                I roll my eyes and slip from under Niall’s arm, where I slept all night. I creep over next to Payton, and she starts to tell me what she did this morning. Every detail made me swoon and giggle, until she told me about how Taylor caught them. I show her the tweet, and she gasps.

                “Are people siding with Taylor?” she scrolls down the replies, and tries to not smile to herself, but can’t hold back her sheer happiness.

                “But Payton… What are we going to do now?” I ask. She looks at me questioningly. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Taylor is living with us in the house right now. And I have a nagging feeling that this one problem isn’t going to make her leave.” Payton shrugs.

                “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” she says simply. Everyone slowly starts waking up, hearing our conversation. The first was Cali, so we explained to her the situation. As the holy trinities laughs grew louder and louder, Perrie and Danielle joined us, along with Zayn, Louis and Niall. Liam was the last to be asleep. He finally soon drags himself out of bed, and joined the group. Soon all of us knew what was going on.

                Niall was sitting behind me, and soon pulls me into his lap. I lean my head back and rest it on his shoulder, as he kisses my cheek. “Not to be creepy, but you look beautiful when you sleep Bridget.” I could get used to having him around.

Payton’s POV

                Finally everyone knows what happened this morning, almost every detail. I left out a few of my favorites. We’re all laughing and talking, when we hear feet coming up the stairs. I turn behind me and see Harry. His face is red, and you can see the marks from where Taylor’s hands had slapped him. But he was smiling more than I had ever seen before. “Harry?” I ask carefully. He was smiling so big that he could be crossing into insanity right now.

                “Payton, Payton!” he says as he comes over and picks me up off the ground and spins me around in circles. “I love you! I love you!” he says again and again. He doesn’t stop and he’s just smiling at me manically.

                “Harry… Are you alright mate?” Louis asks, looking concerned. “You seem a bit, I don’t know, delusional?” he asks, questioningly. Harry smiles once more at all of us.

                “I have a big announcement,” he says. We all ask him what it is. He just is laughing to himself and starring at the ground. “Taylor flipped! And she broke up with me!”

                We all look at each other, and then all of us give Harry a look that states, ‘Uh, we’ve seen the tweet.’ But he rolls his eyes. “I know you guys have seen the tweet. But do you want to hear the best part of all of this?” We look at each other again.

                “I just got off the phone with the head of management.” He looks at me with a glance that is so loving and beautiful, I cannot comprehend. He looks longing, and desperate, but relieved and happy. I see tears pouring out of his eyes.

                I finally begin to understand. “Harry…” I start. My tears start rolling out of my eyes, and I start to stand. The others in the room rise with me, starting to understand.

                “Yes Payton, the world is finally going to know about us.” 

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