A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


15. Memories from the Past


Two Weeks Later

Payton’s POV

                It has been two weeks of the tour, and the boys have performed all over England. Now tonight we start our first part of the French part of tour. From the airport to the hotel I think I heard two words I understood, “one” and “direction”.

                The world has learned about Harry and I. And there has so many beautiful moments over tour. Every time I’m with Harry, I feel my heart flutter. Spending time with everyone was everything I ever wanted. Tonight is their show in Paris. They had sold out the biggest arena in France, which was obviously no surprise. Currently the ten of us are sitting in the tour bus on the way to the arena, and the show would be in 5 hours.

                I decided to check my twitter and Instagram as Harry sat up to hit the loo. Cali, Lou, Bridget, and Niall were all playing Mario Cart together back in the bunk room, and Perrie, Danielle and I were watching “The Notebook” with Liam, Zayn and Harry. I open the twitter app and start scrolling down my mentions, reading what fans had to say. I saw the normal kind of tweets, saying hello and asking how my day was. I looked on the twitter home page to see what’s currently trending, when my heart dropped into my neck.


Cali’s POV

                “I’m beating you Lou!” I say playfully as I shove him and he topples over, straightening himself out, straining to beat me for once. But in one more minute of racing, he realized that Princess Peach always beats Luigi. It’s a girl thing! I look at the other 2 split screens, and realize Bridget and Niall’s characters haven’t moved in two laps. I turn and see Bridget’s head is on Niall’s shoulder and he is whispering something into her ear that is making her turn redder than usual.

                “Niall…” Louis warns. “No whispering dirty things into Bridget’s ear…” Then it’s Niall’s turn to become a tomato shade of red, but he winks at Lou, and picks up Bridget bridal style, and carries her into the bunk room. I am laughing hysterically when I look up and see Payton looking down on me with a nervous look on her face.

                “Are you alright Pay?” I ask her, still smiling. When she doesn’t smile or answer right away, I know something wrong. I stand up and she leads me to an uninhabited couch. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

                She points down at her phone. She’s on instragram, and she’s showing me a collage someone made. The first picture was of me and Lou. He was smiling and for some reason I look very angry in it. The second picture was of… Oh my god.

                “Where did someone find this?” I whispered through my teeth. I never had a facebook. I deleted all of my old pictures from my old instragam account. There’s no way. How is this happening? “Payton, how did someone find this?” She shook her head.

                The picture was of me and Ben. I grew up with Ben and our families were best friends. My entire life I was in love with him, but I didn’t know he felt the same way until our family’s trip to Paris together. We went with my mom, dad and sister, and his mom, dad, and brother. We were convinced our families meeting was fate, because our siblings were in love too. So when Whit and Chris got a picture of them kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower, well Ben and I did the same thing. But what I don’t understand is how someone found it. And the last picture in the college was a picture of me and Lou standing together smiling. But covering our eyes was script that read;

                Who knew Cali was the French Whore.

                I feel my heart drop into my stomach and tears were already streaming out of my eyes. I stand up and go to Lou, who was looking at his phone.  When he looked up at me I knew that he had seen the picture, and when I looked down at his phone, I saw the same exact picture, but on a different Instagram account.

                “Louis I promise I didn’t…” Louis stood up and left the room, locking himself into the washroom. The only room with a lock in the bus. I slid down against the couch and rested my head in my hands, letting deep sobs break through my chest. “Please just listen to me Lou,” I whisper to myself.

Harry’s POV

                The second I had exited the loo, Lou ran right inside, his cheeks tear stained. “Lou?” I asked, but he slammed the door in my face. If he didn’t even want to talk to me, something must be really wrong. I walked up to Payton, who was sitting on the couch with her head in her hands. I pulled her into my lap and she rested her head on my chest. I never get over how short she is.

                “What’s wrong, love?” I ask her. She just shakes her head. “Baby..” I saw as I poke her face. I know once I do it the third time, she’ll be so aggravated she’ll slap my hand away, because she does that every time. Once she slaps my hand away, I do it once more, and she pushes me off the couch.

                I’m lying on the ground, and she’s suddenly over me. Her eyes are glistening from what looks like the start of tears. Her legs are straddled over my waist, and her hands are resting on my chest. She looks deeply into my eyes, scared. “Promise me something,” I get nervous, but shake my head carefully.

                “Don’t ever listen to what you see on Instagram okay?” I look at her questioningly.

                “Is this about the picture trending about Cali?” I ask. She looks at me questioningly, as if to say ‘You already saw it?’ And I nod. “It’s everywhere… Wait, Lou believes that?” She nods. “He knows Cali better than that. She would never cheat on him… She’s in love with him…” Payton nodded.

                “That’s the problem. He doesn’t believe her.” Payton said.

                “Well, I guess as usual it’s up to us to sort out drama?” I ask her, twisting her hair around one of my fingers, then grabbing her shoulders in my hands and pulling her down until her head is resting on my chest. “I love you Payton, and I promise that this won’t happen to us, ever. I am in love with you, and I refuse to believe that you don’t feel the same,” I say jokingly.

                She sighs deeply and I can tell she’s worried about her friend. That’s what I love about her. She’s more worried about her friends and their lives then she is ever worried about her own. I wrap my arms around her waist, and pull her close to me. “Harry… Harry…” she stutters. I release quickly, realizing I’m squeezing the breathe out of her.

                “Sorry baby, I love you,” I say. I follow with a kiss on the forehead.

                “I love you too, Haz.” I love the way she says my name. 

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