A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


4. Let's Go Out Tonight


Payton's POV

Bridget brought me to a cute boutique downtown, and pressured me into shopping for a new dress. I’ve never been one with fashion, and Bridget is a famous YouTuber for fashion and beauty. She dragged me into the shop and threw about 17 dresses into my arms before I told her she needs to calm down a little. She rolls her eyes and tells me to go try the dresses on and narrow it down to four dresses.

                After a good 30 minutes of putting on and taking off dresses, I have narrowed it down to four. One was pink and fluffy at the bottom, with sparkles and jewels around the bottom. Another was a red bodycon dress with a black waist band. Also, there was a dark pink dress where the entire back is lace and see through. The last dress is knee length and golden, it was strapless, sparkly and shiny. This dress is definitely my favorite, but I had to get the approval of Cali and Bridget first.

                I step out of the dressing room, and spot Bridget sitting on a chair on her phone. “What do you think?” I ask. She looks up and smiles, with a slight nod. The beauty guru approves. “Where’s Cali?” I ask her. She rolls her eyes and laughs.

                “Louis called her a couple minutes ago and asked if Cali wants to go walk around downtown with him, and of course she couldn’t say no to that. And Louis also told me to tell you that he, Zayn and Liam can’t make it tonight,” Bridget tells me. I sit down in the chair next to her.

                “Why can’t they come tonight?” I ask, surprised.

                “Well, Louis wants to get to know Cali, so he’s just taking her out, and Zayn and Liam have a double date tonight, and they would come hang out with us too, but the four of them actually have some sort of couple’s photo-shoot tonight after dinner, and don’t want to run out on us early,” Bridget said. Suddenly her phone started vibrating.

                She looked at the screen and smiled to herself, and I guess I’m losing my second friend tonight. I sigh and roll my eyes jokingly, “Let me guess…” she laughed and pushed me playfully. She and Niall haven’t stopped texting since she ran head on into him. When she was running to the hospital earlier to find me, she actually bumped into him, and they exchanged numbers when he found out she was looking for me.

                “He asked me to join him to a song writing session tonight, because I told him how much I love writing music and want to get better at it.” She was basically begging me for permission to see the love of her life tonight. I roll my eyes, unable to say no to her puppy dog face.

                “Fine!” I exclaim, and she hugs me and departs the store. Before she leaves, she turns around and gives me her final piece of beauty advice.

                “Promise me you won’t try to curl your hair again,” she says to me, dead serious. I roll my eyes and cry out;

                “That was ONE TIME!” I yell, and she smiles and departs. I change into my jeans and T shirt Cali brought to the hospital for me. I end up buying the dress and a pair of shiny gold heels. I arrive back to the hotel and decide I should start getting ready for tonight.

                I plug my phone into a music player, when I realize I have three new text messages. All three were from Harry.

                ‘Hey, what hotel are you staying at?’

                ‘Payton, it looks like it’s just us tonight, I hope you’re as okay with that as I am! J’

                ‘I asked Niall, and he said you and Bridget are staying at the hotel across the street from us, I’ll be in the lobby at seven!’

                I look at the clock and see it’s 5:30, I have an hour and a half before I have to be ready. I take a quick shower without wetting my hair. I straighten my hair, put on some light makeup the way Bridget taught me to, and then slip on my dress and heels. I look in the mirror and pin back my side bangs to the side of my head, creating a rose looking bun on the back. I observe how I look, and nod to myself. You can do this, I think to myself. You really like him, don’t screw this up. I receive a text.

                ‘Downstairs when you’re ready J’ Harry said. I smile to myself and run out of the hotel room, grabbing my purse and phone, and walk to the front lobby, where there’s hundreds of people crowding everywhere, how will I be able to find Harry? I throw on my coat because it’s getting a little chilly, and I look outside and see it’s snowing.

                Suddenly someone places his hands over my eyes, and whispers in my ear with a deep British accent, “Guess who?” And I feel my heart flutter outside of my chest. I giggle and turn around. I see many different people, all inside of one body.

                I see Harry Styles, the boy who used to make me so happy when I watched a YouTube video of him, or when I heard his solo in “What Makes You Beautiful”. And I also see Harry, the boy of whom stayed by my bedside as I could be dying. But more than anything, I see the boy I owe my life to, because he’s the one who stayed me. All three people are standing in front of me, wearing a dapper suit and looking more handsome then he ever did over the internet.

                “Are you ready to go?” he asks, with a goofy smile on his face. “You know, I get to have you all to myself tonight at dinner, is that okay with you?” he asks as he offers his arm to me. I accept and nod towards him, and we proceed out into the snow, arm in arm. 

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