A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


7. Introducing Haylor


Niall's POV

                Madison Square Garden. So many dreams are coming true in such a short amount of time, and I cannot believe how far the boys and I have come. We started as five solo acts auditioning for X-Factor, and now here we are, performing in the most well-known arena in the entire world. And to make everything even better, by baby girl is by my side.

                Bridget and I have been inseparable. Her parents ended up walking in on our spur of the moment sleepover with Cali, Louis, Payton and Harry, but they ended up being okay with it since they’re responsible girls. So we’ve all been staying in deluxe hotel rooms together, and the boys and I have been paying for rooms for Bridget’s parents too.

                But now, we’re standing backstage of Madison Square Garden, waiting for our music cue. I see Bridget, Cali and Payton in the front row, each with a poster with all of our names on them. We planned with them and Paul to bring 5 girls on stage, as not to look suspicious, and they are three of them. But then we’re going to tell them how we feel. I feel horrible for Harry, and Payton even more. But Harry has to do what management tells him. And I’m sure Payton will understand. The music to “One Thing” starts. We enter the stage, and see the biggest crowd we’ve ever had…

Bridget’s POV

                Niall looks so attractive up on stage, dancing around and singing my favorite songs. This moment is so surreal. We’re dating, he’s mine, I’m his, and I’m sitting front row at his concert after having dates, sleepovers, and kissing him. He looks down at me and winks, and the crowd goes crazy. I don’t blame them, he is amazing. But they need to suck it up, because now he’s mine. And it will always be that way.

                We’re going to make the distance work. And soon the world will know about us. About four songs go by, and then comes the song “What Makes You Beautiful”. This is the song I’m being brought up on stage for. I look myself up and down, and try to close my eyes to stop the tears, and when I open them, Niall’s hand is sticking down to mine.

Louis’ POV

                I grab Cali’s hand from the stage, Harry grabs Payton’s, and Niall grabs Bridget’s. Tonight’s the night we could tell the world about the loves of our lives. Cali looks beautiful under the lights of the stage. Her brown eyes are sparkling from the excitement, and she starts dancing along with the other girls, as carefree and happy as a girl could get. That’s why I love her, she’s carefree. And she’s also very beautiful, but she doesn’t always know she is. Her smile makes me explode with happiness, and I could stare at her forever.

Cali’s POV

                I stare into Louis’ eyes, and I can feel sparks flowing in between us, and I wonder if the audience can see the sparks too. We dance, we sing, we giggle, we chase each other, and I wonder what he’s thinking about right now. I can’t help but smile every time he looks at me, and I have definitely fallen in love with him. I just wonder when the world will know about us. I just want everyone to know how happy we are together.

Payton’s POV

                I’m standing onstage looking at Harry, and I can almost feel my heart breaking. I want to tell him so badly I’m ready for the world to know about us. He looks nervous and scared and upset, he’s not acting like his normal self. We both can put on a smile for an audience, but we can both sense there’s awkwardness between us. I just want to get some time alone with him to tell him what I’m thinking.

                Soon the song is over, and I’m escorted back to my seat. Maybe it’s just my imagination that Harry’s off. “What’s up with Harry?” Bridget asks me. Okay it’s not just my imagination. I shake my head at Bridget.

                “I have no idea,” I say back. The show continues by, and I get back into enjoying every song, and screaming like any normal fan girl would. Then the boys step to the front of the stage.

                “Before we sing our next song, we have a couple of announcements!” Liam says.

                “We have some very special people we would like to dedicate this next song to!” Louis says. “I will go first,” he reaches his hand down to Cali. She stands next to him, smiles, and he grabs her hand in his. “This is my beautiful girlfriend! Her name is Cali Hall! I want the world to know about us,” Louis says, and the crowd cheers, obviously approving.

                “I’m next!” Niall yells as he pulls Bridget onstage. “So this is my beautiful girlfriend Bridget Kevin! We met a few days ago, and we are completely in love!” The audience begins to cheer again. Then Harry steps up, and I make eye contact with him, and I nod and smile. He tries to smile back, but something is wrong. Terribly wrong.

Harry’s POV

                I can’t breathe. I hate myself for what I am about to do, I can’t believe this is happening. But I have to choose between my career and someone I’m in love with. Management says I can have both, but I’m scared. I step to the front of the stage, and I try to open my mouth. “I want to introduce someone too,” I start. And I try to gain confidence. “She’s my… girlfriend;” the crowd gasps. Payton is sitting in the audience, smiling at me. And my heart is crying. What if she never forgives me? Or never even listens?

                “Everyone meet… Taylor Swift!” I yell.

Payton’s POV

                “Everyone meet… Taylor Swift!” he yells. He’s smiling. She smiles as she walks glamorously onstage. I feel my heart break inside of me. All those people who always called him a player, I argued they were wrong, that he’s different. But apparently he’s not.

                Apparently since I wasn’t ready for the hate yet, he went for the one girl in Hollywood who will date anyone that asks. He looks down on me with apologetic eyes, but I’m done. I stand up and I leave the arena. Tears are pouring out of my eyes, and I can barely breathe. My nose is running and my brain is racing.

I hear the song “They Don’t Know About Us” playing, and I turn around to see Harry singing to Taylor, grabbing her hands and pulling her close to him. My heart shatters into a million pieces, and I depart.

I don’t know where I’m going to go, or how I’m going to face Bridget and Cali tonight, or if I’m ever going to see Harry again. I pick up my phone to call a tab, and I see a new text from Harry.

‘Let me explain.’ I delete it. 

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