A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


16. I Will Try To Fix You


Cali's POV

I can barely breathe. I feel as though I’m suffocating as I see Lou on stage. He is looking out into the audience of beautiful French Directioners, and when our song comes on. He starts singing in “Loved You First” and I can see tears in his eyes from backstage. He tries to put on a brave face for his mates, but Niall is the first to tell something is wrong.

                He pulls him back and they both stop singing a moment. Niall whispers into his ear, and Lou nods. Lou walks off backstage, the opposite side I am on. He looks across and catches me looking at him. He shakes his head as if to say, ‘no’. I feel tears burning through my shield I try to put up.

                I look at him pleadingly. I love him so much; I have since I met him. He’s the only one for me. How am I supposed to tell him though? When he just won’t listen to me!

                I try to regain his attention one more time, when he just looks down and walks back onstage, finishing the last song of the act off strong. But he left stage. The world is going to hate me by tomorrow morning. But I don’t even care about them. I just want my Lou back.

Bridget’s POV

                I love hearing Niall sing in “Little Things”. I was always a big Directioner, and it pissed me off so much that in ‘Up All Night’ Niall didn’t get many solos. I’ve been a Niall’s Girl since the beginning. So hearing him sing always brought me comfort and complete happiness. I was humming along the rest of the song, when Liam announced that they will be taking a brief intermission.

                I jumped up to go get Niall, when I realized he exits the other side of the stage. I seem to always forget that I sit on the wrong side of the stage every show. As I am about to cross to the other side, Josh stops me. “Hey Bridget! We haven’t talked in a while!” he says kindly. I smile.

                “Hey Josh! Good job tonight, you boys are killing it!” I say. He thanks me.               

                “So how’s Niall?” he asks. Josh and Niall are pretty close, so I’m guessing Niall tells him everything that happens between us so I blush.

                “How much do you know?” I question him, and now it’s his turn to turn red.

                “Basically everything,” he laughs. “But if it helps, he telling me means it does really make him happy. You really make him happy.” I blush even redder. “Aw don’t be embarrassed love!” Josh says as he pulls me in for a hug, but something goes wrong.

                I turn my head left, expecting he’s going to turn his left as well. But when he turns right, our lips unexpectedly touch. They lingered for a moment, because both of us were too stunned to move. But after a couple more seconds, Josh was pushed to the floor. I jerked my head violently to see Niall had been watching the whole time.

                “Why would you do this to me?” he begged me to answer. “Why Bridget? I thought what we had was real? Everything we’ve done! You’re going to throw that all away?” He didn’t even wait for my answer before he ran in the other direction, back to where he was about to get back on stage. His cheeks were red with tears. I had never seen him so angry or upset or confused. He seemed to be in a daze of emotions, and was not able to sort any of them out.

                “Niall!” I exclaimed, chasing after him, trying to get him to come back and listen. But he didn’t. He was already gone. “Niall…” I say as I started to cry. I walk into the dressing room of the boys to see Cali sitting in Lou’s chair and hugging his sweatshirt. “Cal?” I ask.

                When she looks up I can see her glistening blue eyes are also flooding. She stands up and comes over and hugs me. “We’ll get them to listen Cali, I promise, this isn’t over. We’re not done fighting. They’ll listen to us,” I try to convince her. She is trying to comfort me too. But the both of us are just slowly falling apart.

Payton’s POV

                I listened through the door to my two best friend’s heart broken and crying. I didn’t want to interrupt them, because they would have no interest in listening to me tell them everything’s going to be okay. Since everything is currently okay with Harry and I, they’d probably say I’m being biased or something. They just need each other right now.

                I look onto the stage and see Harry singing his solo in ‘Back for you’. This song always reminds me of when he went on tour with Taylor, when I thought I couldn’t come. The last phone call before he left, we talked about how he would be coming back for me when he could. Listening to him sing it was surreal, and a beautiful moment. He looks to me backstage, and starts singing right to me, and I can feel my heart melting in my chest. Hearing him sing to me, it could always make everything okay.

                Then suddenly I had an amazing idea about how to make everything better again. I mentally made plans in my mind of how the logistics would work, and how to get the people in the right place at the right time. That’s when I finally snapped out of it and saw Harry was staring at me with a look that said ‘Oh no, she has another idea’.

                The show was soon over, and Harry said goodnight to the fans, but then purposely exited the stage the wrong way to come see me. “Should I be nervous to ask what you were just thinking about?”

                I laughed and shook my head. “Not at all, I know how we’re going to fix Cali and Lou, and Bridget and Niall!” I exclaimed. Harry smiled, but then it faded.

                “Wait, there’s a way to fix both of them at once?” he asked.

                “Oh little Hazza, there’s always a way to fix it,” I said jokingly, as I twirled one of his curls around my finger. “You did very well tonight by the way,” I said. He laughed and picked me up, holding me under my legs, and I wrapped them around Harry’s waist.

                He passionately kissed me, and I could feel all of his emotions and nerves from the show. After we kissed, he pulled apart. “How are we going to fix everything?” he questioned.

                “Well, music is the solution to everything,” I say. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

                “Just tell me what to do boss,” and he kisses me one more time, before we walk hand-in-hand back to the bus, and I explain to him my brilliant plan. 

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