A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


3. He Saved My Life


Payton's POV

I finally lifted the 2,000 pound weights off of each of my eyes, and finally saw the real world again. The ceiling looked so beautiful considering how I thought I’d never see anything real again; I thought I’d just be seeing blackness forever. The ceiling was white and light, and as I started to sit up and look around. I saw a lot of medical equipment, and realized I must be in a hospital. I lay back down again because my chest was causing me a lot of pain, and closed my eyes, trying to remember what happened.

                Memories started flowing back into my mind. I remember the feet on top of my lungs, crushing me slowly. I remember the blood spilling everywhere, and the last thing I remember after that is the world going completely black. I remember movement, shadows, and small pieces of time when it felt like I may have been conscious.

                “Are you awake, sweetie?” A deep voice asks me from the side of my bed. I recognize it immediately. This voice was the voice that saved me completely. His voice was the voice that whispered into my ear ‘Keep your heart beating’. I’m scared to see who it is that saved me. I turn my head to the right, and I finally see his face.

                His eyes are bright green, like emerald’s shining in the sun. His brown locks are curled down by his perfect cheek bones. He has dark bags right under his eyes, and the eyes are filled with worry and scare. But then I recognize who he is in my blurry state. The boy sitting at me side, the boy who saved my life, his name is Harry Edward Styles.

                “You’re okay…” Harry stutters, not exactly sure of what to say or do. So I try to move, but then my chest pains me and I feel nauseous and cry out. He sets his hand on my shoulder, and helps lie me back down. “Just relax sweetheart, everything is going to be okay,” he said soothingly.

                “How did I get here?” I ask Harry, trying to remain as calm as possible. He darted his eyes at the ground, and I spot him wipe away a tear on his cheek. He tries a few times to start speaking but chokes, and after a couple of minutes, he is finally able to explain.

                “There was an accident at the concert, you got trampled, and you lost a lot of blood. Legally, our body guard had to take you away and get you to a hospital, but the boys and I all wanted to stay and make sure you were alright…” Harry said, feeling obviously very awkward. I smile up at him and grab his hand cautiously.

                “Thank you,” I say. He smiles and says he’s going to go try to get a doctor to come see me. Then suddenly my two worried best friends burst through the door. “Cali! Bridget!” I exclaim as they jump onto my bed and hug me.

                I was suddenly thrown about 400 questions at once. “Where did you meet them?” “How did this happen?” “Are you feeling better?” “What happened?” I shush them both, and I start telling them every detail.

Harry’s POV

            I had found a doctor to check up on Payton, and Louis had found her two best friends that she was staying with. Everything was in order, and she’d be able to go soon. But the weird thing is, is I don’t want her to go away. This kind of thing has happened to fans before, but something seemed special about Payton. Something is different about her, and I really don’t want her to go anytime soon. I walk up to Louis and sit down in a chair next to him. “How are you holding up, mate?” he asked me. I sigh.

                “I don’t know man, this is just really scary, I’m glad she’s going to be okay though,” I tell him. Louis rolls his eyes and laughs. “What’s so funny?” I asked and shove him jokingly.

                “Fans have been hurt before, but you’ve never cared this much. When are you going to admit you fancy her?” Louis asks. I think a second before I answer.

                “I don’t even know her, how could I fancy her?” I ask.

                “Take her out to dinner tonight. We’ll all come. You can tell her that it’s to apologize, but you can get to know her better, and she can meet Harry, not just ‘Harry Styles’!” Louis thought. I think about it, and realize he’s a genius.

                “Thanks man,” I said, and bro-hugged him. We stand up and proceed to walk back into Payton’s room, where she Cali and Bridget are giggling on her bed. “What’s up girls?” I ask. They smile at me.

                “We were just telling Payton how amazing your concert was last night,” Cali said, blushing instantly when she realized Louis is right behind me.

                “Well thanks sweetheart,” said Louis as he went and sat in a chair next to the bed. I join him and sat on his lap. The girls quietly giggled at us.

                “So I was wondering if you girls would like to join us for dinner tonight?” I ask the girls, and they look at each other, and nod simultaneously. 

Cali’s POV

                I look to Payton and then Bridget and the three of us nod at once. Payton looks to Harry and says we’d love to join them for dinner. Louis and Harry departed to tell the other boys our plan, and to make reservations for a restaurant and a limo. As soon as the boys were out of the door, I look to Payton and Bridget and we scream like the fangirls we really are.

                “I heard that!” said Louis, and I feel my face turn bright red.

                “You know Cali; I think Louis was making eyes at you!” Payton said with a wink. I smile but shake my head.

                “There’s no way he could like me, isn’t he dating Eleanor Calder?” I ask, confused. Payton shook her head with a huge smile on her face.

                “I heard while I was in a coma that he and Eleanor broke up because they felt too different. And he was definitely looking at you!” I blush and laugh.

                “Whatever! Payton, Harry was making eyes at you like it’s none of your business!” I say to her. She blushes as well. “Well, I guess we can all agree on the fact that tonight will be a night we’ll never forget!” We all hug, and then the doctor comes in, and says Payton can go home.

                Bridget speaks up. “Well, if we’re going to make a good first impression tonight on the boys, it’s time to go shopping.”

                Let’s do this. 

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