A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


14. For the First Time


Oh my goodness guys I feel like an absolute butt right now. I haven't updated in over two weeks and that is SO not like me. I'm really really sorry :( I've been so busy! On the weekend I have had work training Special Olympics and swim meets 8am-5pm, along with minimal amounts of family and friend time. And this week I have had midterms all week! :P My last two are tomorrow but I've decided I've done enough studying and all you beautiful directioners need an update! :) I know this chapter isn't THAT exciting, but it's leading up to more stuff that I have planned :) Okay and I need some opinions! 

1) Which other relationships do you want to hear more about? Zerrie, Payzer, Biall, or Couis? :) Bridget and Cali are based off of real people that I know, but they are honestly the nicest people you would ever meet. Bridget is a ginger who loves theater, singing, and kicks butt at both of them! Cali sings, runs, and likes being sassy (perfect pair for Lou? :) 

2) What do you guys want to see happen in the story? More conflicts or cute romantic moments? I love hearing from you guys, I want to know what you want to read! So just let me know if there's anything you don't like or anything you want to read more of! :) <3

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Payton's POV


             I never thought I would be able to hold my boyfriend’s hand in public. But now here we are, about to step out from the shadows together. Earlier today, Taylor packed her things within ten minutes and moved out. She is gone, and hopefully out of my life forever. And now I stand at the front door of Harry’s house, dressed up for a day on the town, and I can barely breathe. Harry approaches me and grabs my waist from behind, pulling me close to him and planting a light peck on my neck.

                “What’s wrong baby?” he asks sincerely.

                “Harry… What if they all hate me?” I ask. This has been my fear since I fell in love with Harry. Since we started being together this was my greatest fear. That the fans won’t like me, that the fans will send me hate, it all scares me so much. I’m not a bullet proof girl like Eleanor, Bridget, Cali and Perrie are. I’m a little more insecure about who I am. And I want the fans to approve if Harry and I are going to last.

                “Payton, there is no chance in the world that the fans could hate you. If they see how happy you make me, then they’ll love you. And not to sound rude or anything, but anyone is a step up after Taylor. They’ll especially love you since you were previously a fan. It’ll give them hope.” Harry’s snatches my hand and his, and we go out into the sun.

Bridget’s POV

                I remember how it felt when I was first seen with Niall. The worry, the angst, and fear. It’s all flowing back to me watching Payton do it all over again. I can feel her getting more nervous as Liam opens the door for Danielle. Then Lou and Cali walk out. Then it’s Zayn and Perrie. Then it’s me and Niall. I hear the crowed gasp when Payton walks out with Harry.

                Niall and Payton had become much closer, and I can feel him getting nervous for her. He tightens his grip around my hand and we turn around. Paparazzi have surrounded Harry’s house as we try to depart for the stadium in London. Payton’s face turns pale when she sees all of the paparazzi around her.

                She looks like she is about to pass out, when Harry confirms any questions the paparazzi are throwing at him. The reaches over, grabs her hand, and kisses her on the cheek. Then the ten of us depart to the boys car, speeding off to the arena to do some last minute preparations for tonight. I jump into the back of Harry’s car with Payton and Harry in the front, and Niall and I in the back. Harry opens the door for Payton first, same as Niall did for me.

                Before the boys got in the car, I leaned up and whispered to her. “Are you okay sweetie?” I ask, grabbing my best friends shoulder. She turns and looks at me. I can still see fear and terror in her eyes, but decreased amounts then before. But she nodded and managed to give me a small smile.

                Harry and Niall jump in the car, and Harry looks to the three of us. “London arena, here we come!”

Payton’s POV

                Bridget, Cali and I are sitting backstage as the boys are rehearsing. Perrie and Danielle had to leave earlier for other jobs or something, so we all just caught up backstage on our current relationships, and tried to catch up with people from home.

                Cali was on the phone with her sister Whit and Bridget was facetiming her mom and brother when I decided I’d start checking social networking sites again. Since Harry and Taylor broke up, I refused to look at anything online, afraid that the fandom found me. But now since this morning he confirmed us, there wouldn’t be much longer until I was everywhere on the internet. Better to start early.

                I log onto tumblr and scroll down three screens. One picture about Taylor and Harry splitting. I go to my facebook, no new friend requests. Meaning no one knows who I am yet most likely. I open Instagram, and when I scroll down my feed, I learn more with each new picture.

                The first picture is the same picture from tumblr, about Harry and Taylor splitting. The caption is saying how happy the user is that they split.

                The second picture Is one I didn’t see coming, it was of me and Harry on the beach yesterday morning. Someone saw us, and recognized Harry. The picture was blurry. But you could tell it was Harry by the birds on his chest, but the one question was the girl in his arms. I fear what I’m about to read, and scroll down to the caption. Whoever this girl is, thank you. I don’t know whether or not you were the reason for Haylor breaking up, but whether you are or not, I want you to be with Harry more than I ever wanted him with Taylor.

                I felt my heart flutter. They liked me, or at least one did. And one was enough for me at this point. The third picture was one from me and Harry this morning. Wow, I didn’t know I looked that afraid this morning. I honestly tried to withhold my fear, guess that didn’t go over well. The caption of the photo read, This poor girl looks petrified. Our fandom needs to calm down. The Haylor stuff probably scared her. This girl seems sweet and innocent, until she does something to hurt Harry, and then let’s treat her like one of us. She’s in the Directioner family. Treat her like it.

                I couldn’t believe what I was reading. They like me. They really want me to be with Harry and to make him happy! I can’t contain myself any longer and I run onstage, as Harry and the boys ended singing ‘Nobody Compares’ and I jumped into his arms.

                I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I twist my fingers up in his curls and lightly kiss him on the neck. I feel his cheeks getting hot and pink. “What are you doing, baby?” he asks.

                “What I’ve wanted to do for months,” I say.

                “So you’re okay with the world knowing about you now?” he asks, carefully as not to offend. I nod enthusiastically and hug him tighter.

                Suddenly my phone is vibrating in my pocket, and Harry’s is vibrating simultaneously. I release him confused, and we both slipped out our phones, reading the message and seeing the new twitter picture at the same time.

                @Louis_Tomlinson ; Everyone, please welcome @ThatPaytonGirl into our One Direction family! She and @Harry_Styles just had a surreal moment, and I figured it needed to be publicized.  

                I quickly throw a glare at Lou, but then smile and hug him tightly, continuing to all of the boys group hugging around me.

                “This is going to be the greatest summer of our entire lives,” Harry said. He tilted my chin up to his face until our noses touched, and he quickly kissed me on the mouth. 

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