A beautiful story about a fan finally getting their chance with the boys of One Direction. I don't want to give anything away, but please comment, like and fan! :) <3


5. First Date Butterflies


  Harry's POV           

   I sit at dinner, with Payton across the table from me. I have never felt this way about someone before. How her beauty is so “heart breaking”. I never understood that saying. People always say someone is so beautiful it’s heart breaking, and I never got it. But now I do, because my heart is breaking looking at how beautiful she is, and not being able to call her mine.

                We talk about everything, the tour, her music, how my life was before One Direction, her life at school, rainbows, leprechauns, favorite holidays, everything. “Oh my goodness, Bridget just texted me,” Payton laughs her adorable giggle, and it makes me smile.

                “Is Niall eating everything again?” I ask, worried Niall’s blowing it again. Payton shakes her head though.

                “No, Bridget told me that they’re having an eat off…” This blows my mind. If Bridget likes food as much as Niall, he must be falling in love with her right now. “And apparently, Bridget’s currently winning,” Payton told me. I was absolutely stunned.

                “Wow, I didn’t know that was physically possible for someone as small and skinny as Bridget, Niall will definitely have fallen for her by the end of the night,” I tell her. My phone suddenly vibrates, and it’s a text from Lou.

                ‘Hey man, so tell Payton that Cali and I are dating now. Cali tried texting her but Payton’s phone is off, so yeah! See ya!’

                “Well alright then…” I say as I show Payton my phone. She laughs and smiles, and it makes my heart break a little bit more. The check comes and goes, and we are allowed to leave whenever we want. “So what are you in the mood to do tonight miss?” I ask her as we stand up and I help her put her coat over her shoulders.

                “I don’t know, I’m as new around here as you are! You probably know it better than me!” she says. Then suddenly I have a great idea.

                “You’ve always wanted to be a singer right?” I ask her, grinning like a mad man. She nods nervously, and I grab her hand and drag her down the street.

Payton’s POV

                Harry’s pulling me down the road at a fast pace, and he seems very excited about something. “Haz, where are we going?” I laugh. He just smiles back at me like a little baby angel, and keeps pulling me further. Suddenly we are in front of the Mohegan Sun arena, and I look at him questioningly.

                “What are we doing here?” and he just slides a card through a lock on the door, and we are let in. He turns to me with a mischievous grin on his lips.

                “Come and get me!” he yells, and he starts running down the hallways. I sigh, laugh, kick off my heels, and start running after him. I’m easily just as fast as him, but he got a good head start, so I lost him a couple of times. Suddenly he ran through a big door, and when I followed him, I was blinded by beautiful colored lights.

                “This is the Mohegan Sun stage,” I whisper, ecstatic to be on such a well-known and beautiful stage. I walk from the back of the stage close to center, where Harry is standing, facing where the audience would be. We can’t see the chairs in the audience because of the light, and I feel like I can sense what a full house feels like.

                “It’s so beautiful,” I whisper, completely in awe. Harry smiled over at me, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, leaning on me slightly.

                “Not nearly as beautiful as the girl standing next to me,” he says, winking at me. I pretend to look on the other side of him, checking to see if he’s talking about a beautiful girl standing on the other side of him. “Oh you know I mean you!” he laughed. “You’re beautiful,” he tells me, as he takes my hands in his.

                “I guess I’ve just never thought of myself that way,” I say, and try to quickly change the subject. “What are we doing here?” Harry smirks and whips a remote out of his pocket, points it towards backstage, and presses a button. Suddenly music started pulsing through the arena.

                “Harry! Harry!” I protest. “We’re going to get caug…” His singing cut me off.

                “You’re so pretty when you cry, when you cry, I wasn’t ready to hear you say goodbye. Now you’re tearing me apart, tearing me apart. You’re tearing me apart. You’re so London your own style, your own style, when we’re together it’s so good, so girl why are you tearing me apart tearing me apart? You’re tearing me apart. Did I do something stupid? Yeah girl if I blew it, just tell me what I did let’s work through it. There’s gotta be some way to get you to want me, like before…”

                Harry continues to sing to me, and ‘Nobody Compares to You’ is my favorite song on the album. I almost break into tears when he hits the chorus. Then, as the last chorus hit, he grabbed my hand and led me up the aisle to the very front part of the stage, and I could feel an audience present, even though no one was here. This is what it’s like to be on stage. Loud, bright, crazy, exciting. I can barely breathe. The song soon ends, and Harry looks at me.

                “Listen Payton, I know this entire situation is weird, and kind of crazy,” Harry starts, getting more nervous with each word, I nod to encourage him, and he grabs my hands in his own again. His hands are big, warm, soft. “And I know that we won’t always be together, but I care about you more than I’ve ever cared about anyone. Please, please give me the chance to be what you’ve always wanted. I’ll call you in-between rehearsals to check on how you’re doing in school. We’ll Skype every night; I’ll stay up until 3 with the time difference if I have to. I’ll write you letters to brighten your day, I’ll write you songs, and I’ll do anything and everything you want me to do. I really care about you Payton; I want the world to know how much I care about you.” Harry proceeds to get down on one knee, holding out a single rose. “It’s not real; I found it in my hotel. But I’m glad it’s not real. I want you to always have it. It will always remind you of me. Even when we’re distant and not together, I’ll be near you. Always.”

                Tears have already begun to pour down my face, and I feel like he’s ripping out my heart with each new word. It’ll be so hard, distance kills any good relationship. I already know that. And he’s a popstar, what if he cheats on me? My head tells me to say no, that it’s not a good idea. That it will never work.

                But my heart. My heart knows what he says must be true. That he must really care about me, and that this is worth it, and will be something important. I decide what I must do.

                “On one condition.” He looks at me hopefully, and nods. “We can’t tell the world about us right away. I need to be a little stronger before I can get that hate. I’m going to be ready for it, but just not right now .Give me until summer break. I will be ready then. I promise, but yes Harry, one million times yes!” I smiled and jumped into his outstretched arms, crying out with joy and glee.

                “I’ll make you stronger Payton, you deserve to be at the top of the world, and that’s where I am going to put you.” I can’t help but be the happiest girl in the world. Harry cares about me, he really cares about me. We make plans to go to Madison Garden together, and so will Bridget and Cali. Bridget’s parents would be able to come to. He gives us tickets for the front row, and then we start to set off for my hotel. 

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